What do you mean you don’t speak Chinese?

Critical Proof is a young and dynamic company specialised in academic and business content writing. This includes carrying out scientific editing, writing and editing essays and dissertations, as well as proofreading for PhD and Master’s students. This is in addition to providing web content in English as well as many other foreign languages.


“Obviously, many of our customers are students, both in the UK and abroad,” says Karen Oliver, Managing Director at Critical Proof. “We have had customers from as far away as South Africa and Thailand. Our client base comprises mostly mature students who also work or run their own business. However, we are increasingly moving over to B2B work, which includes providing expert content, transcription and translation services to national and global pharmaceutical, scientific research, telecommunication and media brands.”

Today, Critical Proof announced their new Professional Translation Service. It’s a cliché, but the world has become a village! Modern communication allows companies to conduct business with partners from all over the world. But often the language is a problem, particularly where technical jargon is concerned, and that’s where Critical Proof comes in.

“I requested an English to Chinese translation and received it promptly,” testifies Will Greenhouse, Director of Monkfish Web Design in Brighton. Deckchair Research Limited in London asked Critical Proof to carry out the translation of some websites into several languages for their own clients. “Critical Proof offer translations in languages that are really out of the ordinary,” says their Managing Director, Panayiotis Michael Kokotsis. Paul Carremans, a Belgian copywriter and author with a global readership, said he was amazed at the list of languages displayed on Critical Proof’s website www.criticalproof.com. “Sure, they offer the usual French, German and Spanish, but how many translation agencies have professional staff that can help you with Hindi, Mandarin or Tamil,” he wonders.

Karen Oliver explains: “All of our staff are highly educated in their fields across technical, scientific, financial, political and legal sectors. So not only do our translators have excellent linguistic capabilities, they are also experts within their industry spheres. This enables us to carry out far more technical translation assignments than most other companies are able to.”

Critical Proof are located in Reading, but who cares? They speak your language, wherever you are!


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Country: United Kingdom
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