Violinst Megumi Saruhashi Blends Music And Soul Into A Unique Art Form

Blending spirituality and music, Megumi Saruhashi uses music to connect spirit, mind, and body through her online radio show, Music Soul Studio.

Violinist Megumi Saruhashi ( brings the musical and the spiritual together via her online radio show, Music Soul Studio.

Focusing on the intersections and connections between music and the soul, Saruhashi uses her musical training to form new and unexpected alliances between musical genres. In doing so, her work speaks to life beyond simply listening; forging new connections that extend into the spiritual subconscious of listeners.

“My ability to flow between different musical genres and cultures means I have the skill to create a musical alchemy,” Saruhashi says. “Responding to the whispers of the internal world of spirit, I draw this into the present moment.”

Believing herself to be a conduit that synthesizes the musical and spiritual realms, Saruhashi refers to herself as a “hollow bone”. She strives to draw out the consciousness of listeners and connect on a deeply spiritual level that cuts across cultural and sonic barriers.

“Being able to be a hollow bone – a flute of the music of God – and share that music that I receive from the source and to be able to share that with the world is my passion,” Saruhashi says. “I’m a transmitter of God, as all of us are.”

In pushing forward her vision of cultural, sonic, and spiritual fusion, Saruhashi has created a signature online radio show called Music Soul Studio. With the show, Saruhashi aims to provide a platform for new and emerging artists to connect with new audiences and use the art of conversation to elucidate current topics like climate change.

“Living in Brooklyn, New York City, gives me the opportunity to keep continuing to jump off the cliff culturally,” Saruhashi says. “I am particularly passionate about transcending the differences in music from different cultures, merging them into one.”

In addition to hosting Music Soul Studio, Saruhashi offers audiences the opportunity to hear her music live throughout the world when on tour and with frequent appearances in and around New York, NY.

“For me,” Saruhashi says, “it’s not just about bridging cultural differences. It’s about reaching beyond cultural and genetic programming to create a new language in music.”

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