The Sexy Kitchen Cookbook and Classes Combine Exotic, Healthy Cuisine with Fun and Romance

Through the centuries, cooking has been recognized as a sensual art form. The right combination of ingredients and cooking methods and a delectable dish could be prepared that excites the senses and inflames the libido.  Sexy Kitchen LLC, founded by Doneliya Denva, has brought these culinary secrets into the 21st century, making them available through and upcoming aphrodisiac cookbook and cooking classes.

Sexy Kitchen LLC is the product of more than ten years of traveling around the world, where Doneliya has sampled some of the most appealing dishes that long established cultures have to offer.  Her painstaking research has helped her identify the culinary creations that inspire fun, excitement and amorous feelings like Walnut Everyday, Lewd Oysters, Seafood and Lobster Stuffed Salmon, and caviar. In addition to optimizing the emotional fervor of diners, these dishes also offer important health benefits.

Sexy Kitchen LLC has been recognized by major celebrity organizations and is slated to serve some of its dishes to Hollywood figures at upcoming Oscar night celebrations. To help prepare for this, Sexy Kitchen LLC would like to prepare and publish its aphrodisiac cookbook by Valentine’s Day.  The company would also like to improve its popular cooking classes so that all participants are closely supervised and optimize their enjoyment of the cooking experience.

To make this possible, Sexy Kitchen LLC will require almost $10,000, and has sponsored Kickstarter campaign to raise the needed funds.  These funds will enable the publication of the cookbook, website development, t-shirt design and purchase of cooking class supplies.  In return for supporting this campaign, you can receive perks like the Sexy Book, the Sexy Tee, or the Sexy Cooking Class. 

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