New Entrepreneurial Venture, FJE Revolt Brand, Offers Clothes that Inspire the Community

One of Cincinnati, Ohio’s most intriguing new entrepreneurs is Drew Crawford. Mr. Crawford has a unique vision of helping his community by introducing a new line of clothes which espouse Freedom, Justice and Equality. Inspired by the many protests and organizations that seek to “Stop the Violence” in African-American communities as well as society at large, Mr. Crawford has named his company FJE Revolt.

Mr. Crawford is currently raising funds to launch FJE Revolt and help make it an internationally recognized brand of clothing. Like many other important business founders, Mr. Crawford’s vision includes helping his local community by hiring many promotional specialists, business managers and sales professionals. With the success of FJE Revolt, Mr. Crawford would like to become a model of entrepreneurial achievement that can help encourage others to aspire for great things.

To launch FJE Revolt, Mr. Crawford has sponsored a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $500,000 in seed money. These funds will help make FJE Revolt a major clothing production company and brand. In return for supporting this important project, backers may receiver perks like a FJE Stop the Violence T-shirt, FJE Stop the Violence Varsity Fleece Jacket, hat or call from Drew Crawford.

For more information about FJE Revolt or to make a donation, please visit

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Company Name: FJE REVOLT
Contact Person: Drew
Country: United States