“Guns and Grams” is a Gritty, Compelling Movie about the War Between Gangs and the Sicilian Mob

The film industry has long had a love affair with mobsters, but few independent movies have taken such rich material and created such a compelling and moving story as “Guns and Grams.” “Guns and Grams” centers on a father and son, Shorty and Larry Dorsey, who are both involved in the Baltimore heroin trade.  After Shorty is gunned down by his Sicilian bosses for attempting to secure new product from Miami distributors, Larry takes over the operation and draws the wrath of the same mobsters, inevitably culminating in a showdown between new and old school gangsters.

From the veteran actor, producer and director Larry Derr, “Guns and Grams” stars Tray Chaney who was featured as “Poot” in the acclaimed HBO series “The Wire.” After years of writing and perfecting the script, Larry Derr is eager to start filming his passion project. The powerful story is brought to life through innovative storytelling as well as the production talents of many Hollywood veterans.  Larry has already enlisted two time Emmy winner Pat Moran to cast this actioner.

The production team of “Guns and Grams” has developed an initial budget of $65,000 and has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise these funds.  In return for supporting this important project backers will receive perks including autographed photos from the cast, “Thank You” DVD’s, or invitations to the screening party.  If you cannot contribute at this time, please consider sharing news of this project with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information about “Guns and Grams”, or to make a financial contribution, please visit http://kck.st/1CeJsaW

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