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Light Solution to Take the Perfect Picture

Zurich, Switzerland – Jan 21, 2015 – Alexander Kuehne, a professional freelance photographer in advertising, fashion, and documentary movies, was searching for a light source to improve the quality of how selfies and video chats are viewed. This prompted him to create a revolutionizing light solution called the Vany. The Vany is a portable ring light that fits perfectly on mobile devices and webcams to enhance visual effects for selfies and webcams. Currently, there is a final prototype of the Vany. However, they need funding to manufacture the first production run. They have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to get the Vany manufactured and ready to be sold on the market. 

As a professional freelance photographer, he has many years of experience in using ring lights to add quality lighting that highlights the features of someone’s face perfectly. It offers a shadow-less light that brings out the eyes, which is why many beauty shops use it. This simple tool can transform a plain picture into something attractive and exciting. It enhances the attractiveness of an individual within the picture by making the hair shines, exposing the eyes, and the face is lit perfectly. In the market, there lacks a quality lighting option for those who want to add this same effect for their selfies or web chats.

Whether someone needs to take a selfie to share with friends and family, is doing a virtual interview on their laptops, or chatting with a potential date online, the Vany is the solution to make sure individuals look their best! It is small, easy to use and carry around, and will make a huge difference in capturing the perfect shot. The Vany prototype was developed with the help of an Alexander’s photography background, an experienced industrial designer, 3D animator, and an engineer. Now the team is excited to bring this new ring light to the world and transform the way pictures will be taken.

All funds will go towards developing the tools; a custom made LiPo battery that will last as long as possible, and manufacture the first production of the Vany. Each Vany will come with a clip to allow this light source to be placed on any mobile device without scratching it, eight dimmable power LEDs, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three hours of running time. Along with a fashionable neck strap that can be used as a fashion accessory and allow individuals to carry the Vany around everywhere they go.

The goal is to reach $35,000 and must be met by February 24, 2015. As a thank you for the support, backers will receive special rewards such as the first prototype, handmade pre-series of the first prototype, and a fine leather strap handmade in Italy. If the campaign is successfully funded, shipment of the rewards will arrive around November 2015.

For those who love the idea, share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media sites. The Vany will change history and provide an affordable professional light source to improve the quality of pictures!

Watch their YouTube video to see how the Vany works.

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