Obscene Authentication Code Sees Amazon Insult Customers With Children In The Room

An Amazon code has caused controversy recently when James Ollen’s family was shown an obscene insult in the form an authentication code, causing the family to dump Amazon’s services.

Amazon has seen its fair share of controversy both at home and internationally, as the company’s massive tax avoidance has seen many people refuse their services on principle. It is another level entirely however to begin swearing at customers trying to sign up for their services. This belligerence was followed up by further acrimony when the aggrieved individual tried to follow up and complain, leading him to begin a campaign to raise awareness of the slight. James Ollen has now created a video demonstrating the problem for all to see.

When furnished with a registration code James Ollen received a literal FUCKU from Amazon, and the incident is recorded in his video explanation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esa6WkxRoGg), which he recorded for posterity after getting nowhere with Amazon customer services, who passed him from person to person with no progress for over an hour.

The incident took place when children were in the room, who saw the obscene comment Amazon had invaded their living room with, and have since refused to take any compensatory action for. As a result, James Ollen is now spreading his message via the internet hoping sympathetic fathers will similarly disavow the service. 

A spokesperson for James Ollen explained, “After being a customer for two years James wanted to sign up to the MYTV service and was greeted with an obscene insult from Amazon. When querying how this could happen, James couldn’t get an answer, and so he is now looking to raise awareness of the incident to ensure Amazon are not able to simply gloss over the offense they have caused to James and his family, including his small children who were witness to the incident in question. We await a response from Amazon, and until then will continue to syndicate the story to ensure it cannot be ignored.”

About James Ollen:

James Ollen is a family man who was shocked to discover Amazon swearing at him through their authentication system while children were present in the room. As a result of the experience James has refused any Amazon services and is looking to raise awareness of the insult and the ensuing controversy after Amazon refused to deal with the problem.

For more information please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esa6WkxRoGg

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