ViDi – New and Innovative Video Sharing App

Changing the Way People Share and Connect with the Word

Hamden, Connecticut – Jan 22, 2015 – Two aspiring entrepreneurs from Hamden, Connecticut have created an ingenious video sharing social media app will change the way people share their lives and connect with friends. Emmett and Eric Iheagwara have been working for over seven months to develop this groundbreaking app, ViDi. They announce their IndieGoGo campaign to raise $15,000. All funding will go towards finishing the remaining coding stage to bring this app to the world.

ViDi is a video-sharing app that provides creative editing options such as adding effects and unique enhancements that are not available on other video sharing platforms. This flexible customization gives users the freedom to personalize their videos and share their life experiences with the world. The app also allows friends and families to post, comment, like, accept and send friend requests. With this innovative social media platform, it will make connecting with friends fun and entertaining. 

According to Forbes, “investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury.” Businesses understand how crucial it is to a company’s success to integrate social media efforts into their marketing strategy. Through social media, an organization can improve their bran, build customer loyalty and trust, and gain online exposure to a larger targeted audience. Examining the Top 50 brands such as Urban Decay Cosmetics, Starbucks, and Nike all have over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. This is a testament to how important social media is to building a strong brand that consumers will follow. The creators are confident the ViDi app will help build a company’s brand and increase their customer engagement because of the dynamic video sharing capabilities. 

Currently, there are several mock up drawings for the app that shows its imaginative and original features that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace. To help bring this project to life, they need help from supporters to finish coding the app. The team commits themselves to giving it their all and is optimistic this app will revolutionize the social media world.

The IndieGoGo campaign will end on February 27th, 2015. If they do not reach their $15,000 goal by then, that means it could take years before this incredible ViDi app will be brought to the world. All backers will receive rewards as a thank you for their support.

Help make ViDi a reality so that people can start sharing, connecting, and commenting in a way that has not been done before! Make a contribution at their IndieGoGo campaign.

To preview the special effects and digital enhancements ViDi will offer, watch their YouTube video

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Company Name: ViDi
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Country: United States