Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC Creates Ripae® Visa® Prepaid Card, Groundbreaking Financial Solution Pledging to Make Money Management Easy & Fun

Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC, a global prepaid card issuing company that is dedicated to offering intuitive, intelligent-based and user-friendly tools that allow people to experience a virtual and physical cards with little to no fees, is pleased to announce today the imminent release of the much-anticipated Ripae Visa Prepaid Card; an innovative card which is fast, easy and seamless to use, which is set to make its debut during Q2 2019.

Ripae is part of the family of companies of Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC who has been a trusted leader of Visa and Mastercard prepaid products serving large clients across the globe. The company remains at the forefront of innovation in the financial industry and is committed to creating an extensive tool set that allows consumers to enjoy cutting-edge technology that is fast, seamless and easy to use. It’s flagship United States product, the Ripae Visa Prepaid Card, was created with the intention of providing customers with a card that would give them the freedom and ease to manage their money both effortlessly and efficiently.

The Ripae Visa Prepaid Card can be used for anything, from paying restaurant bills, gas, hotel reservations, utility bills, online purchases, travel and more. Card holders can also deposit money electronically or any Visa ReadyLink ATM globally, and earn cash rewards for simply inviting their friends into the Ripae Visa Prepaid Card.

Ripae offers users a comprehensive desktop and mobile solutions which allows card holders to review posted and pending transactions in real time, download 90-day statements, see recurring transactions at a glance at any time, make peer-to-peer transfers, and take advantage of a single use virtual card at any time. Upon signup, Ripae Visa Prepaid Card holders are granted immediate access to their virtual card, and to which they can instantly load funds through multiple methods and even add the card to Google & Apple Pay. Upon release in Q2, Ripae Visa Prepaid Card will be made available in App Store and the Google PlayStore.

Speaking of Ripae, Steven Foster, President, said, “ Our Ripae program was built to inspire and empower recipients to confidently and efficiently make payments how they see fit. We aim to make banking available and accessible for everyone without all the hidden fees, while we facilitate your payments through a fun, easy and mobile-friendly network.”

Steve Urry, Chairman for Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC added, “We aim to create rewarding experiences for everyone, and want to help you use your Ripae card with ease and complete peace of mind. We are proud of our fast-evolving platform, and we want to be your perfect solution to manage all your financial needs.”

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About Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH)

Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is a global independently owned prepaid card issuing firm that works with many of today’s high-profile FinTech organizations through innovative and cost-effective white label solutions. We have been in the financial industry for over 55 years, and we are continually expanding our product development and innovation to ensure that Ripae remains at the forefront of the prepaid card market. APH enables FinTech companies to discover breakthrough innovations through a strategic and advanced technology that allows them to achieve a fully customized prepaid solution.

APH has offices in the United States, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Thailand,Hong Kong, & Singapore. 

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