Vertigo Is Not Fate – Advice on managing dizziness

“Vertigo Is Not Fate” by Dr. Bodo Schiffmann
Readers of Dr. Bodo Schiffmann’s “Vertigo Is Not Fate” learn why dizziness is so often misunderstood, and what can be done about it.

Everyone feels dizzy every now and then, but what if dizziness becomes a regular part of life? The first thing sufferers need to understand is that dizziness in itself is not a disease but a symptom. In order to tackle the problem, they should first identify its cause. This book helps to recognize and understand reasons for, connections to, and ways out of vertigo. The book was written to explain the individual clinical pictures, medical bases and investigation methods without previous medical knowledge. The reader also finds a particular column about the topic dizziness training and self-help with acute complaints.

A lot of care was put into “Vertigo Is Not Fate” by Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, making sure that the book’s text is large and legible for older patients and those affected. Especially dizzy patients find it difficult to concentrate on small letters. The author runs one of the largest privately run vertigo clinics in Sinsheim, Germany and has specialized in so-called hopeless cases. He is an expert in rare diseases and treats patients from all over the world.

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