GP3D Introduces Root, the Latest Advancement in Powerful, Affordable 3D Printers

It is only recently that the ability to print three dimensional objects in the comfort of your home or office has become possible.  This emerging technology has quickly captured the imagination of the public and ushered in a myriad of possibilities on the commercial and industrial front, but as with most new technologies, 3D printing has been shackled by a number of constraints including cost, raw material availability and performance.  One of the leaders of the printing industry, GP3D has overcome these challenges and produced Root, an affordable desktop printer that offers robust performance at the touch of a button.

Unlike most of its competitors which have price tags over $1,000, Root will soon be available at almost HALF that price.  Root is also a significantly improved design with all metal construction which offers rock-steady precision in production, as well as lasting durability.  This amazing printer also has been tested to provide impeccable performance for more than 300 hours of continuous operation, so you can rely on Root for even your most demanding project. The open face and rear design provides a 360 degree view of your product as it is being printed.  The Root Plus is a premium version that will also include features like a heated bed, and functionality with enhanced materials like PLA, PA, PC, PVA, Wood, HIPS, Color Changing and Flexible filaments.

In addition to outstanding performance, Root is also simple to use.  The full color 3.5 inch touchscreen enables any user to quickly start or complete a printing job.  Print designs may be input using a SD card, or a USB flash drive for the Root Plus; no need to have a dedicated line to your PC. Root comes with a one year warranty, so you can be assured that this printer will be reliable.

Root and Root Plus have been fully designed and are ready for mass production, but this product needs your financial support to reach the public.  GP3D has sponsored a fundraising campaign to raise the $50,001 needed for an initial production run.  In return for supporting this important project, you may receive perks like 3d printed bookmarks, smartphone screen protector, T-shirts, Root printer, or Root Plus. 

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