Feel Free Dress – Innovative Dress that Makes Everyone Woman Feel Beautiful

A Dress That is Simple, Comfortable, and Perfect for Any Occasion

Sinking Spring, PA – Jan 26, 2015 – Roxana Munteanu, a designer from Pennsylvania, has brought to the world an innovative dress that fits every body type and allows woman to create her own style. A dress that is so versatile it can be transformed into a blouse is going to change the fashion industry forever. To fund the first production of this fashionable dress, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring this piece to the strong modern woman of today!

Everyone woman has her unique style. Not every body type is the same. The amount of time spent trying to figure out what to wear can now be shortened to a few minutes with the Feel Free Dress. It is a new design that is an ideal piece for every body type. Open-minded woman with different styles will save time and money with this dress. Now individuals can change their style within seconds to make their lives easier. The dress is easy to wear, comfortable, and accentuates every woman’s beautiful body so they always leave the house feeling confident. 

It is the perfect fashion piece for any occasion. The Feel Free Dress is easy to accessorize. Simply add a belt, scarf, and boots to create a sophisticated casual look.  For the sporty individuals out there, wear the dress with sneakers. Turn the dress into a blouse and add tights or leggings to it to achieve the popular street-style. It is also a perfect dress for formal black tie events or a romantic dinner. For an elegant look, women can wear it with a nice necklace and some heels. The amount of looks and options are limitless. Now people do not have to spend so a lot of money buying clothes items that only can be used for one occasion. They can buy the Feel Free Dress to fit most of their wardrobe needs!

Currently, the dress will be available in red, black, white, purple, and green. Sizes range from small to extra large. There are two styles; the round model and pointed model. The pointed model can be transformed into a blouse. However, both can achieve any style and gives women the freedom to dress how they feel at any given time. The Feel Free dress is made of high-quality material that is light and soft to caress the skin, which leaves women feeling sexy, yet comfortable.

Now they need help from supporters to make this dress a reality. Anyone who makes a contribution will get rewards such as a free Feel Free Dress of certain colors as a thank you. The campaign ends February 14, 2015. If the campaign is fulfilled, all shipments of the Kickstarter rewards will arrive March 2015. 

Help bring an affordable, yet fashionable option to woman who wants a dress that will make everyone women feel amazing and empowered to choose whatever style they want! Make a contribution today!


Media Contact
Company Name: Feel Free Dress
Contact Person: Roxana Munteanu
Email: triaxfirst@yahoo.com
Phone: 484-794-3432
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/91692501/feel-free-dress-magic-in-your-wardrobe