Manufacturing Plants Reduce Energy Costs With High Pressure Pitot Tube Pumps

Those manufacturers that use the pumps benefit from the pumps ability and reliability when it comes to high pressure applications.

Energy cost is a significant overhead for most manufacturers, so any measures taken to reduce the cost will increase profits. The GTO RHINO® and GTO GATOR® pitot tube pumps are designed with the end user in mind, in every way possible. The world-renowned brands require a lot less resources for operation than traditional energy-sucking pumps. The reliable and durable pumps can replace most traditional pumps in many respects, but now manufacturers are recognizing a completely unexpected benefit in the reduction of their business energy costs.

GTO GATOR® and GTO RHINO® high pressure pumps are available at Thomas Pump & Machinery. The professional pumps use pitot tube technology and are engineered using strict standards of quality. They promise precise operations and stability, which increase overall productivity and reduce malfunction so common with many other pumps. The absence of malfunctions reduces downtime, improves productivity and saves businesses the cost of excessive and expensive repairs.

Joel Seemor is all too familiar with costly downtime, “We had to make an executive decision to replace our pumps when faced with another breakdown. One breakdown is too much when you have a plant to run, but we were dealing with breakdowns, four to five times a year, In most cases, it meant one week of downtime as technicians tried to determine the root cause, order and replace parts. Our decision to purchase a GTO Gator high pressure pitot tube pump saved our business, our sanity and our ability to uphold our commitment to hundreds of customers who depend on us. But more than that, the new machines are light on resources, which reduces our energy costs and increases our profitability.”

Edward Obrien, operations manager at a leading refinery, didn’t hesitate to endorse GTO’s pitot tube pumps. He says, “Our plant cannot afford downtime. A few hours downtime for repairs set us back for days. I’ve discovered, the hard way, that not all pumps can match the high demanding workloads of GTO pumps. We saved a lot by eliminating the need for constant maintenance and the accompanying downtime that goes with waiting for a technician to repair the system.”

The pump’s adjustable capacity really shines during heavy workloads; the pumps can easily manage 120m3/h capacity range and create up to 200 bar pressures in a single stage.”

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GTO Rhino® is best place for High Pressure Pump to meet the need of Pitot Tube Pump or reliable Centrifugal Pump. GTO Rhino® and GTO Gator® dominating the industry of High Pressure Pump.

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