Advanced Parking Facility Management Solutions Now Available for Managing Parking Lots Efficiently

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd brings a wide variety of parking technology products that offer the best, convenient and efficient way of managing parking lots.

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd shows how technology can make parking lot management more convenient and efficient. The company has developed a variety of products that use the advanced technology, and allow managing parking lots in an automated manner and reduce human efforts. These solutions can be effective for all big or small parking facilities and can offer several kinds of benefits, such as an easy management of parking, a smooth traffic flow and also a better revenue collection.

Advanced Parking Facility Management Solutions Now Available for Managing Parking Lots Efficiently

Out of different types of products, the company specializes in the parking lot sensor that can easily be installed to detect occupied or unoccupied space in a parking facility. This low-maintenance sensor can provide real time data about a vehicle’s movement in and out of the parking lot, and can allow a better management of the parking space. Besides the daily traffic space management, the sensor can also reveal an insight for a long-term planning of the traffic. The sensor can also reveal the details about vehicles that have overstayed in the parking space, and ensures the collection of additional charges from the vehicle owner. Thus, besides helping in the management of the parking and traffic, the sensor also proves conducive in collecting additional revenues for the parking facility.

The company spokesperson talks about their parking lock, which has been designed to secure a parking space for an authorized user. This lock is installed in front of a parking space and which restricts unauthorized individuals from parking their cars in the given space. The lock can be managed from the gateway itself and can be used for monitoring the parking occupancy status with the help of the backend management software. The spokesperson reveals that the gateway can be enabled to manage as many parking lots within an area of up to 8 square kilometers. This parking reservation lock can also be integrated with the mobile app, for a user to reserve a parking space or to check the real-time status of a given parking space. Besides, one can also achieve a remote control on the lock and can access it using a mobile app or Bluetooth.

The company also brings the parking meter or the parking payment machine, which municipal authorities can use for a better traffic management on the streets. Besides, this machine can also be used to offer parking rights to car owners for a limited period of time. It can be installed on streets and can function in an automated manner for collecting money from car owners in exchange of parking rights. The spokesperson reveals that this parking payment machine comes with a robust structure, and has an anti-theft design. Moreover, the machine is waterproof, dust-proof and corrosion-proof to be installed in the open.

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