Blockchain Healthcare App IFFY Helps Online Dating Users Verify Partner’s Health

Users can choose to share STD test results on social profiles via a decentralized healthcare record platform.

IFFY, a blockchain-based application, today announced the launch of their decentralized healthcare record-keeping platform. Users can privately and securely store their medical records on the platform, and grant access to STD test results via their social profiles.

“The way we engage before sex has completed changed,” says IFFY Co-founder Zephaniah Burrows. “There is an obvious shift: social, cultural and technological. Yet the way we protect ourselves has not changed.” For dating safety, we need blockchain applications in healthcare that can prevent STD infections and ensure online dating safety .

IFFY creates a safe dating arrangement and allow users on online dating and social platforms to share that they have been tested for STD or HIV infections. Once users set up a profile, they will be able to see the location of the nearest testing facility and get tested. Their results are uploaded to a personal IFFY wallet on the blockchain, and they are given a unique IFFY ID. Users are able to share access to their records with anyone of their choosing, and can even set a time limit on the viewing rights of the other party. IFFY ensures that users retain complete control of their records, with the ability to revoke access at any time and no personal data being shared with third-party applications.

Sharing one’s IFFY ID is meant to open up a dialogue about sexual health and provides users with tools to make healthier decisions online. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), online dating safety statistics, there are over 20 million new STD infections every year. IFFY wants to give online dating app users a way to verify their partner’s health, and in turn, spread the importance of knowing one’s health status.

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About IFFY

IFFY is a blockchain-based application that stores medical records on a decentralized platform. IFFY saw an opportunity for blockchain applications in healthcare by looking at the current method healthcare institutes use to maintain healthcare records online, which is prone to cyber-security attacks and makes for long wait times when transferring private records. The proposed solution of using blockchain technology makes streamlining private health information easy. IFFY aims to be the verification system of online health information. 

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