Spotify has become the music platform par excellence in the entire world. In consequence, thousands of artists strive to occupy an important place in their ranking, accumulating plays and followers day after day. This digital space has been gradually replacing the work of record stores and today there is no artist who does not want to be and star in their best lists.

In this sense all those who wish to increase the number of plays and followers can rely on Spotistar LLC. Located in Los Angeles, California, this company has been in business since 2008 and served more than 1 million customers.

The service of the company is mainly designed for new artists, who struggle within the platform to become known. Its users usually visualize the number of plays and the popularity of the artist before following it, and therefore this is very important to achieve success on the page.

Through Spotistar any new artist or person who wants their music to reach other places can make themselves known. He or she simply has to contact the company and indicate which package he/she wants. The company works according to the guidelines of Spotify, so there is a restricted number of followers and plays per day. The final extension that carries the required work will depend on it.

Spotistar has been characterized for providing help with quality services, totally legitimate and guaranteed. For them, the priority is the client and that they really feel satisfied with their investment. The company recommends for all those who feel doubtful about the service, start with a package of few followers and verify the change in the account. Then, the orders can be much more substantial.

The Spotistar team has been concerned to provide a service immediately. Its clients can verify that within a few minutes of having paid for the package that their followers or plays -depending on their preference- will start increasingquickly. Similarly, itscustomer service is available every day at any time to answer any questions or problems that may arise.

The testimonies both on their website ( and Trustpilot reviews ( assure that it is a reliable company that provides a fast, and above all, safe work. In addition, they emphasize the respect of the company towards the sensitive information of the user, that is, it is not necessary to provide personal information on the page to obtain a service. This is part of one of the company’s essential policies.

No matter where you are from or what kind of music you want to provide, achieving Spotify promotion is now possible thanks to this service. The company has demonstrated its excellence and commitment for more than ten years of hard work and its plans are to continue expanding.

It’s easy to contact Spotistar, simply by filling out their contact form or sending an email to or call their telephone number 213-706-7721. The team responds to all inquiries in less than 24 hours.

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