“The Belt and Road” China Tai Chi Culture World Tour – American Tour Public Activity Has Been Successfully Concluded

On February 18th, US time, “The Belt and Road” China Tai Chi Culture World Tour – American Tour Public Activity started from Beijing, in 12 days, via San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles with a successful end. It attracted more than a thousand students to attend with a praise of local Tai Chi fans.

Group Photo in San Francisco

“The Belt and Road” China Tai Chi Culture World Tour – American Tour is guided under Publicity Department of All-China Sports Federation, Silk-Road Planning Research Center, and International Wushu Federation, sponsored by Tai Chi Cloud Culture Limited, China Sports Futurity Investment (Beijing) Limited Co., undertook by Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletic Federation, US-Jiangsu General Chamber, Guanyu Entertainment Era Culture Media (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and China Sports Futurity Sports Industry (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and co-organized by Wenxian People’s Government. It has received full support from the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in China, including Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Costa Rica, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles. The representative inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage Tai Chi project form Tai Chi expert group.

Wang Donghua, Consul-General of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, said that Tai Chi was the representative of Chinese traditional culture. “The Belt and Road” China Tai Chi Culture World Tour – American Tour takes Tai Chi as carriers, disseminating the cultural essence and charm of Tai Chi, the traditional Chinese cultural treasure, to the American people, sharing the wisdom of harmony and win-win, and promoting mutual understanding and friendship between people in China and the United States.

Tai Chi expert group is composed of Chen Zhenglei, the national intangible cultural heritage Chen-style Taijiquan inheritor, “China’s cotemporary top ten martial arts masters”; Yang Jun, Chairman of International Yang-style Taijiquan Association; Fu Qingquan, Chinese martial arts seven grading, the inheritor of Yang-style Taijiquan; Chen Juan, Chen-Style Taijiquan champion of the National Games, and Qiu Huifang, World Taijiquan Championship. 

Group Photo of Tai Chi Experts Under Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

In the activity, experts took Taijiquan standard movement and Tai Chi culture as the main teaching contents to guide the students to understand the Tai Chi culture through and to apply Tai Chi thoughts to practice Taijiquan and improve its fitness value while exerting the cultural value of Tai Chi.


Taijiquan standard movement video is published by the National Sports General Administration in order to popularize Taijiquan and promote China’s excellent traditional culture. It is in line with the principle of scientific standardization and simplification based on the existing 24 style Taijiquan. Taijiquan standard movement carries out five steps: squatting, smashing, squeezing, pressing, picking, squatting, elbow, and relying on eight methods. The movement is refined and organized to form a set of cultural, healthy and simple Taijiquan popular routines.

The participants said in an interview that I really liked Chinese culture and Tai Chi. It has an unusual charm. In the course of learning, I deeply understand the role of Taijiquan in physical fitness. And we benefit a lot from the cultural concept of interpersonal harmony, the philosophy of being human and the spirit of tolerance and harmony.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, experts were invited to participate in Celebrating The New Year Greeting A Warm Sweet Spring Chinese Arts Troupe’s Spring Festival Tour. In the performance, experts promoted Tai Chi culture, had Taijiquan performance to thousands of audiences and interacted with overseas Chinese. The performance was warmly welcomed and praised.

Group Appearance of Tai Chi Experts

“The Belt and Road” China Tai Chi Culture World Tour was launched in the beginning of 2018. It started from Beijing, via four countries namely Berlin(Germany), Venice(Italy), Vienna(Austria), Budapest(Hungary). The activity attracted more than 1,000 participants from such countries as Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the United States, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Croatia. Taking “The Belt and Road” as international platform, the activity, with the goal of “Promote Chinese Civilization, and Spread Tai Chi Culture” and the carrier of Tai Chi, promotes China sports and culture going out, popularizes the essence of Chinese traditional culture to the world, disseminates the Chinese wisdom of all-win harmony, and promotes the harmonious development of global culture and builds a community with shared future for humanity. 

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