Hu Jiaqi, the Famous Anthropologist Reported by South Reviews: Phenomenon or Alarmist?

Hu Jiaqi, a famous anthropologist and writer, published books such as Saving Humanity etc. His idea of “Continued development of science and technology will soon destroy humanity” has aroused widespread concerns. In this regard, the reporter from South Reviews interviewed Mr. Hu Jiaqi and reported on his views on the “human extinction issue” and writing process.

The famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi began his research on the issue of “human extinction” in 1979. At the beginning of the study, Hu Jiaqi came up with the idea that modern technology has increased human self-destructive power by millions of times compared to that in the cold weapon era, but undoubtedly it has not yet reached its peak. As long as science and technology are still moving forward, this trend of increasing destructive power always exists. So, when will this increase in destructive power come to an end?

Hu Jiaqi began to think if the continued development of science and technology would destroy human one day. In order to verify whether the extermination force will break out, he began his crazy learning and reading in the following decades.

In the report from South Review, “Hu Jiaqi’s research road is not all plain sailing. After graduating from college, he was assigned to the National Building Materials Bureau Planning Department, a ministerial unit directly under the State Council. Slowly, he felt that the step-by-step work did not allow him to complete his own research in time and money. Ten years later, in 1994, Hu Jiaqi, who had to solve his own economic freedom problem in order to solve the problem of human extinction. After carefully consideration he founded a decoration company and in just three years, the value of the order reached 300 million yuan in 1997. After getting rid of the constraints of material wealth, Hu Jiaqi re-devoted into research and handed the company to his family and friends. In Hu Jiaqi’s view, paying attention to the destiny of mankind is a lifelong undertaking that business and politics are all serving.

After 40 years of research, the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi came to the following conclusions: “The development of science and technology will definitely cause human extinction, and this day is not far from us.” “Promoting safe and mature science and technology widely to the world, it is enough to ensure that human beings live a good life, but if we continue to greedily ask for resources by science and technology, it will quickly bring us to the abyss of extinction.” “To save human depends on human beings, and it is necessary to build a unified society and strictly restrict science and technology development globally and seal up some unsafe science and technology.”

In addition, the famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi also built a holistic scientific framework for the future unified society and established a rigorous and comprehensive theoretical system.

Please refer to English book Saving Humanity written by Hu Jiaqi

In the interview with Hu Jiaqi, he mentioned more than once, “After the birth of extinction means, will human extinction be far away?” “Science and technology are amazing, something that seems impossible can be realized indirectly. When science and technology come to this situation, mankind is not far from extinction. This involves the overall survival of all mankind, we can’t make any mistake. If there is a mistake, it will be the first time also the last one.”

Finally, Hu Jiaqi said, “I am worried that human beings have no chance to regret.”

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