Celebrate Spring Festival in Museum | Me and My Country Flash Mob Activity Ignite Atmosphere at Spring Cultural Temple Fair of blessing in Small Wild Goose Pagoda

On February 10th, the year of the pig, there is a mass of people in Xi’an Museum, people poured into the temple fair in Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

Tourists entered the Xi’an Museum and appreciated the outdoor snow scene of “Dream Back to Tang Dynasty” and watched “Chang’an New Year Culture Exhibition” and “The Tang Dynasty Silk Clothes Exhibition” etc.; in the ancient blessings such as the blessing of the bells, the blessings of the geese, the blessings of the drums, and the blessings of the drums, they felt the blessings and blessings of the “Jianfu Temple”. The intangible cultural heritage experience activities such as the lion dance, the shadow production, stone rubbing, paper cutting let visitors immense and linger in it.

While tourists were being attracted by different cultures and spring festival atmosphere in the museum, there was a song echoed in front of the main hall of Jianfu Temple. “Me and My country” With the beautiful melodies,a clear voice of a child appeared “Me and My country, we can’t be divided for a moment, no matter where I go. There is a hymn appeared…” Tourists were attracted and stopped.

During the curiosity and joy atmosphere around the tourists, the famous soprano singer Feng Jianxue, Xi’an young singer Hao Meng, the famous online band “Ting Nan Men Shuo” and other flash mob actors, gathered from all directions to the square in front of the main hall of the temple and sang the song Me and My country together. The surrounding tourists were moved by this warm atmosphere, gathered around and took out phones to shot photos and videos. Many tourists gathered close to the flash mob actors and interacted with the actors to sing and express the joy of the New Year and the blessings for the motherland.

People who participated in the flash mob activity are cultural celebrities, youth groups, online celebrities, literary lovers, there were also tourists from all directions.

Xi’an tourism image ambassador Hao Meng led to sing the song Me and My Country

Hao Meng, the image ambassador of Xi’an tourism, signed up to participate in the flash mob activity of “Me and My Country”. Hao Meng said that she has traveled all over the world, but the land under her feet is still her favorite. She hoped that to spread out more Xi’an culture through the flash mob activity by singing, make more people be willing to come to the museum, come to Xi’an, and come to China 

The online celebrity band “Ting Nan Men Shuo”: detonated the chorus

The online celebrity band “Ting Nan Men Shuo” said they must attend the flash mob activity after knowing it although there was no enough time. They said that as local citizen of Xi’an, they were very honored to participate in the flash mob this time, hoping to pass on their own songs to convey the sincere love to the country. They also wanted to sing the praises of the country and let more people fall in love with Xi’an.

“Silk Road Couple”: Love Crystal on “Belt and Road”

Yuan Chaohui and A’nitan is a couple of Silk Road couples. The girl of Kazakhstan, A’nitan, came to Xi’an Jiaotong University to study in 2007 and fell in love with the Chinese guy Yuan Zhaohui. In 2014, they got married and had a lovely boy since 2017.

Nowadays, the couple stayed at the starting point of Silk Road in Xi’an, and took the ride of “One Belt, One Road” and started their business. Today, they took their child to the Small Wild Goose Pagoda especially to experience the historical and cultural heritage and the rich cultural flavor of the Xi’an Museum. They felt that the flash mob activity of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda is very innovative, which combines the traditional Chinese New Year with the modern flash mob culture, reflecting the new atmosphere of the museum and the vitality of the ancient Silk Road in Xi’an. A’nitan said that she would be willing to introduce more friends to Xi’an to experience the Chinese new year.

Xinghai Choir: Tell the feelings of the motherland by songs

More than 30 people from the Xinghai Choir of Xi’an Mass Art Troupe participated in this flash mob activity. Zhang Yimin, deputy head of Xinghai Chorus, said that every member of the choir hoped to express their love of Xi’an, love for the great motherland and the yearning for a better life in the future by songs.


When they heard this flash mob activity, they volunteered to register and hoped to contribute to the promotion of museum culture and Xi’an. They said it is the most memorable and meaningful experience in life that they can celebrate the Spring Festival together with the Silk Road Pearl, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Xi’an citizens and tourists from home and abroad, and sing Me and My Country together.

Feng Xiaomeng, a member of the chorus group, is a young actor at the Beijing Opera Theatre in Shaanxi Province. She said that it was particularly meaningful to wish our life getting better and better, bless the motherland becoming more and more prosperous and extol the change of times. She said that felt lucky and honored to participate in the flash mob activiy.

Shannxi Opera actor: Display and interpret modern elements by ancient Shannxi

Wang Fengyun and Peng Danqi are local Shannxi Operas in Xi’an. They felt very delightful to participate in this fasion flash mob activity by singing Shannxi Opera though it was an ancient traditional form of arts.

Inheritor of intangible cultural heritage: expressing love for Xi’an with scissors and paper, and blessings for the motherland

Tu Yonghong has participated in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda New Year Temple Fair for two consecutive years. As a representative inheritor of the art of paper-cutting, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda New Year Temple Fair has played a very good role in the protection and inheritance of paper-cutting. She also specially cut a customized logo for the new year in Xi’an.

From the first day of the lunar year to the fifteenth-day of this year, Tu Yonghong will show the paper-cutting art to tourists at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Temple Fair. When seeing that there was a flash mob activity today, She immediately joined in and sang together the song Me and My Country.

Fujian primary school student Zhuang Sifei: The first time I experienced new year in Xi’an and sang Me and My Country with the adults

“It was the first time I experienced new year in Xi’an, I felt that Xi’an’s foods were particularly delicious, the night scene was very beautiful, and I saw the prosperous of Chang’an once upon a time in many cultural relics carrying historical stories.” She felt very fortunate to be able to participate in this event and the greatness of her motherland in such a special way.

International student Alireza: Witness the strength of China and feel the enthusiasm of Xi’an


Alireza is an international student in Xi’an Jiaotong University from Iran. He came to Xi’an for the first time and was very excited and happy. He saw the traditional Chinese New Year, and he participated in this flash mob activity at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda. He felt the enthusiasm of the people of Xi’an and felt the Chinese people’s love for the motherland.

He said with excitement: “Iran is also a country along the Silk Road. I am deeply blessed by the initiative of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The reason why I want to learn Chinese in China is that I was deeply attracted by Chinese culture. I will spread what I saw in Xi’an to my family and friends, let more people know about China and fall in love with China!”

Hebei Handan Tour Group: gathered in Xi’an with tourists from all over the world, wishing the motherland be prosperous

The 45-member tour group from Hebei Province also caught up with the flash mob activity of “Me and My country” and participated in the praise song for the motherland.

Mr. Deng said with excitement that it was so meaningful to come to Xi’an for the Spring Festival this year. The good-looking, funny, delicious things let people lingering here. Xi’an has changed a lot and is getting more and more beautiful. Especially at night, colorful and dazzling lights, fashion elements dress up the ancient city of Millennium, tasting the snacks of Beiyuanmen Customs Street, making people feel pleasant and enjoyable.

In addition to the colorful cultural spree activities of the Xi’an Museum, the city’s museums have established “hyperlinks” with the public, and launched new exhibitions, public education, online real-time broadcasts, and extended closure time. Hundreds of colorful “Spend new year in the Museum” activities, such as folk custom show, lighting show, New Year blessing, riddle quiz, and Chinese traditional lecture hall, especially the number of public interactive experience activities is the highest one among the past years.

Daming Palace National Heritage Park “Spend new year at Xi’an Daming Palace · Light and Shadow Carnival” series activities, Bell and Drum Tower Museum “Finger skills, paper on the rhyme” paper-cut experience activities, Datang West City Museum ” Highly-educated – Opening Ceremony”、”Tang Dynasty people – Imitation Tang Tea Banquet Experience”、Eight Offices Memorial Hall “Spend the new year at Qixianzhuang ” Cultural Benefits series activities are all open up a fresh outlook. “Let the artifacts in the palace, Heritage displayed on vast expanses of land, writing in ancient books” In various senses of ritual, experience, modern technology activated in the fusion of activities.

The New Year’s gift package with temperature, affection, connotation and participation makes the “Spend new year in the museum” a new fashion and new custom in this Spring Festival. Although it is on the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, “Spend new year in the museum” is still full of charming, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy the atmosphere.

During the whole Spring Festival, 134 museums in Xi’an attracted totally 2.277 million visitors to the museum for the New Year. The number of visitors to many museums has increased. The Xi’an Museum has received about 200,000 tourists. The Xi’an Bell and Drum Tower Museum has received 150,000 tourists. The Xi’an Datang West City Museum has received 70,000 visitors and all the cultural unit in Qujiang New District received a total of 1.15 million tourists.

This “Me and My Country” flash mob activity is one of a series of New Year events co-operation by Xi’an Culture and Tourism Bureau, Xi’an TV Station and Xi’an Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. It promoted the “Spend new year in the Museum” activity into new climax and becoming the warmest and most moving highlight of the event.

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