Tianhe Chemical Research And Development Center Has Reached The International Level Of Elemental Testing Capability

For a better cooperate with the company’s product development and seize market opportunities, Tianhe Chemical R&D Center coop erates with foreign experts to actively develop chemical analysis methods.

Chemical analysis is the use of chemical reagents, test papers and chemical detection methods to test the quality, standards and chemical composition of industrial products and chemical products. It has an important position and significance in chemical production. Whether chemical analysis can be reasonably qualified has a huge impact on chemical industry production.

Elemental detection is an important means of evaluating and testing the quality of products in chemical analysis, and is of great significance in the development of lubricant products. It can quickly check out the quality and safety issues to ensure product quality and maintain a good image of the chemical industry.

In order to meet the needs of experiments and production, Tianhe Chemical has introduced ICP from Germany, the United States and other countries, and adopted ASTM test methods. ASTM’s mission is to promote public health and safety and improve the quality of life; to provide trusted raw materials, products, systems and services; to promote national, regional and even international economies.

Through the above measures, Tianhe Chemical has realized the detection of dozens of elements such as aluminum, boron, barium, calcium and chlorine. In order to test the analytical capabilities of the laboratory, the R&D Center has also participated in the testing of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for several consecutive years. The results of the ICP test are in compliance with the standards. In the same field with the world-class laboratory, it is not inferior and has reached the international level.

Tianhe Chemical Research And Development Center Has Reached The International Level Of Elemental Testing Capability

First-class testing equipment and advanced testing methods ensure the accuracy and timeliness of testing data, provide powerful technical support for the company’s product development work, and provide a strong guarantee for product quality, enhancing the advantages of products in the international market competition and confidence.

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