Inspiring Screenwriter Pamala Hall Entices The Industry With Her Talent & Exciting New Film Project

Pamala Hall
Pamala Hall has a lot on her plate. You can expect her to soon take her place as a Hollywood Icon bringing inspiration to generations to come.

As the head of LionHawk Productions, she is working on numerous major film projects all at once — across the board in subject and theme — from factual to science fiction. This is her passion.

Currently residing in Connecticut, and originally from Huntington, Pa., Ms. Hall started her career as an actress in Hollywood in the 1960s. She worked on the TV show That’s Life, with her family friend, actor Robert Morse, who’s enjoying an acclaimed career resurgence on the show Mad Men.  She was quickly compelled to go behind the scenes and convey what was on the screen rather than being in the center of it all. She found writing much more rewarding. She lived in New York but being a lover of animals and nature she found the urban lifestyle was not for her. She then moved to Weston, Ct. where she can enjoy the woods and wild animals that seemed to adopt her home.

In addition to Robert Morse, she has many friends in and out of show business. For 17 years, she has enjoyed correspondence with Dame Judi Dench. “I saw her in Mrs. Brown and sent her a letter, and we’ve been pals ever since,” Ms. Hall said. She’s also close friends with Jackie Zeman, best known as Bobbie Spencer in the TV show General Hospital. For years she has given out literary awards with her friend and producer Tod Jonson. While Ms. Hall said she loves what she does and loves talking about her projects, she acknowledges that filmmaking can be a daunting career path for women. “It can be a difficult industry for women, especially older women. Most executives are 25 years old these days. But life experience means a lot,” she said.

She is soon to be a powerhouse in this industry as she takes great pride in her work.  Her works are top quality, many are intense dramas about vital issues in today’s world that many do not like to touch on such as; teen suicide, assisted suicide, homelessness, faith, hope, environmental issues, animal rights and many other important issues.  Ms. Hall has a strong social conscience that is reflected in her work. She’s especially impassioned about the care and protection of children and animals. “When people watch my films, I want them to leave the theater talking about things, stirring their emotions,” she said. Pamala wants people to truly embrace the essence of her films and the messages in them.

Pamala understands that audiences grow weary of the same old stories and characters that is why she works unique characters in all of her stories giving you twists and turns and deeply layered content that will touch your soul. She has gained a lot of praise from industry heavy-hitters as seen below;

“Strength, wisdom and fire! The kind of scenes actors live to play!” – Jacklyn Zeman/ABC-TV

“I am so impressed with your work. You’re obviously a writer of wide ranging interests. Best of luck. You clearly deserve it. Send any future scripts!” – Robert Redford

“Fascinating ideas, exquisite and extraordinary writing.” – Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis

“Reading these works is a mystical experience. The writing is an actor’s treasure. I could not put the works down! And “Harry & Evelyn is brilliant! Mystical!” – Richard Shull/Victor/Victoria

“I consider the writing and the ideas just excellent! So much talent!” – Liza Minnelli

Pamala has some amazing projects she is working on right now and is very excited about Razzle Dazzle especially. Razzle Dazzle has gained major studio interest and interest from some big screen actors, details will be released as they become available. Razzle Dazzle is the phenomenal story of Elaine Townsend the only woman gambling boss in the world of the 1940-50’s, mingled with movie stars, politicians, gangsters and tourists in the unforgettable paradise of Cuba. But, who was she really? Find out in this compelling film sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you are thrown into the glamorous and yet dangerous world of gambling in that era!

Other Lionhawk projects include:

Legend Of The Sidhe, Dolphins Of Oceanus, Cold Blue Silence, The Promise Cage, What Is Normal and The Secret Life Of Emily Dickenson. Each of these projects brings its own unique and captivating tale. You can clearly see with so many beautiful, memorable films, television and stage projects in the works that Lionhawk Productions is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive world of film.

Pamala overcame a bad car accident and other challenges that slowed her down but she stayed focused and driven and overcame her obstacles. Ms. Hall truly wants to make a difference in this world. She wants to help people- the elderly, the challenged, the lost, the animal world and the environment. Lionhawk is currently gathering tremendous talents and talking with major studios, indie producers, directors and top tier actors. “We don’t do ordinary, we don’t do easy, we will work hard and long with good gifted people and offer unforgettable projects.” Pamala Hall. Pamala would like people to know that they can accomplish anything including their dreams!

For more info on her current and completed projects and on Pamala Hall/Lionhawk Productions visit their website at:

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