Cannabis Collect’s Customized Credit Agreement Is Now Helping Businesses Extend Credit with Confidence

CannaBIZ Collects has recently launched Customized Credit Agreement, a product that is aimed at helping Cannabis businesses nurture and retain a positive working relationship with their customer by offering a practical debt collection service. Their clients are only required to purchase Customized Credit Application and the company takes care of everything by providing a customized collection solution approved by a renowned attorney, Ross Gelfand

Extending credit to customers give them the opportunity to purchase products on credit and pay for them later. It is often a win-win situation between the buyer and the merchant. It is a good way to build loyalty and boost sales as customers tend to buy more when they are not limited to cash that they carry at the time of sale.

However, a poorly executed credit policy could negatively impact a business’ plans for growth and jeopardize its financial stability. So, it is very important to stay on top of one’s accounts receivables. This is where CannaBIZ Collects comes in. Their Customized Credit Agreement is designed to alleviate some of these hurdles by professionally and effectively collecting past-due account receivables for businesses in the cannabis industry.

How it works 

After purchasing the Customized Credit Agreement application, the company’s representative reaches out to the client to schedule a few minutes call to discuss his or her needs. From the information gathered, CannaBIZ Collects customizes a full credit application that the client can use when extending credit to customers. The application’s main goal is to help businesses in the cannabis industry secure debt with ease and extend credit to their customers confidently. The company recognizes that effective debt collection can provide a valuable opportunity for cannabis businesses to enhance relationships with their customers.

CannaBIZ Collects’ Success

CannaBIZ Collects attributes three key aspects to the success of their debt collection process:

  • The company was founded with over 3 decades of successful commercial collection as well as cannabis executive experience. Therefore, they boast immense industry knowledge than other traditional collection agencies.
  • All their receivable accounts are handled by proven and tested in-house attorneys on a fully contingent basis
  • CannaBIZ Collects always strive to pay all the returned collectibles to their clients. In other words, they only invoice their fees after clients confirm that their payouts have reached their accounts.

What is more, the company has helped several businesses deal with some very difficult customers over the years, so they understand the ins and outs of a successful collection process.  CannaBIZ Collects believes that simple collection plans and negotiations brokered professionally often yield better debt recovery results while building positive relationships and preventing expensive litigation processes.

About CannaBIZ Collects

CannaBIZ Collects is a leader in legal Cannabis, CBD and hemp collections and accounts receivable management in Florida. It is not only a top national collection agency but also a reputable law firm. Their several years of experience have specifically adapted them to the unique idiosyncrasies of legal cannabis, CBD and hemp industries.

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