Plan-et App – Revolutionizing App to Change the Marketing World

Creating a New and Interesting Way For Businesses and Customers to Interact

Mandurah, AU – Jan 27, 2015 – Plan-et app is a new and innovative app that will revolutionize the way businesses and users interact with each other. The app was developed by two Mandurah residents who believe marketing should be simple and more affordable for businesses, while making it easy for locals and users to be more aware of the wonderful businesses around them. This prompted them to make the Plan-et app, which is an app that enables individuals to find out the events and deals happening within their area. To finish development of the last stages of the app and website, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Not only will Plan-et App be a map based app that includes location GPS for web, it will also be used as a strong marketing tool for businesses. The app will be available on Apple iOS and Android to make it accessible through major smartphones. Creators Daniel Goodin and Brandon Read hoped to change the way people navigate and view the magnificent world around them. 

Through the app, business can show their location, along with current specials, discounts, and job vacancies. This will attract customers who are looking for this information. The app aims to have minimal user interaction with a list based concept of activities individuals can use to influence their decision. Businesses that want to be part of this can choose from a custom or chosen app category pin on their building location. This will help them stand out from the other businesses around them. There are plans to allow a poster styled advertisement that involved the pin coming off and exposing another level of attraction to the business. 

Guests and users within the area who are looking for a fun and exciting thing to do can use Plan-et App to accurately view the location and advertisement through their unique ‘live view.’ The ‘live view’ means users can view this from their smartphone camera to see the location in real-time. All ads are displayed on the Plan-et map from a 2D perspective. The purpose of Plan-et App is to allow businesses a budget-friendly choice to showcase their businesses to the world that will not compromise bottom line numbers. By showing the community and tourist what is going on near them like special restaurants, activities, festivals, accommodations, night clubs, schools, shopping, tourist attractions, and many more things that appeal to tourists., it will draw the attention of many within the area.

This app will revolutionize the way businesses and consumers interact with each other, which will bring them closer together. Even users who are over seas or local can enjoy the Plan-et App for any occasions. This makes it easier for small businesses to reach the desired target markets efficiently, which ensures budgets are spent accordingly.

Now there is a great solution for many who move to a new area and are looking for something to do. Maybe they’re foreigners traveling to this new location that needs to find a safe and secure place to eat and stay. Also, those who are looking for excitement as they travel in certain locations can use this app to get a better understanding of the best things to visit and do in the area.

To make this app a reality and become available to users all around the globe, they need help from supporters. Contributions will go towards finishing the last stages of developing the app and website. Also, it will go to their marketing campaign to bring this incredible app to the world, while offering an affordable way to market their businesses to the world. By adopting this new form of marketing, many businesses will positively influence their bottom line numbers. User can also post what they want to share how they feel to the rest of the nation.

The number of things the company and world could do with this new innovative technology is astounding. With passion and determination, many businesses can use this marketing strategy to bring their business to a new level of success. For as little as $2 a day per business, this makes it an extremely affordable option to effectively market businesses.

Plan-et App campaign is set to end on February 19th, 2015. The goal is to reach $15,000. If they do not reach their goal, then this marketing business solution can take longer to develop and become ready for the world to enjoy!

Make a contribution today at their Kickstarter campaign.

For those who cannot donate, please  share this campaign with others. Any effort will help this family realize their dreams.

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Company Name: Plan-et of the Apps Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Brandon Read
Phone: (08) 9582 8926
Address:31a Cooper St, MANDURAH
City: Perth
State: WA
Country: Australia