Service Will Be Provided Free to Needy Students

New York, NY – January 27, 2015 – According to a recent US Department of Education Study, approximately 20% of all students who enter high school in the USA never graduate – despite lowering educational standards to increase the graduation rate. In some low-income areas a staggering 41% never graduate. 

What is the reason for this sobering statistic? The reasons are many. But one important factor is not getting enough attention, and that is the availability and the quality of supplemental out-of-school education. 

In countries such as Finland, for example, the graduation rate is as high as 93%. Not coincidentally, in Finland 30% of children receive extra help during their first nine years of school. It is clear that out-of-school learning, such as homework and the assistance students get when they do homework, is a critical component of the learning process – and that parents in the US today are simply not able to supply that extra help. 

Critically Needed Solution 

That is why company founder Eli Willner and a team of technology and education experts joined together to create Tutor Toot – an online homework platform that is “cool”, light and suited primarily to ad hoc questions that need quick resolution. In short, Tutor Toot is a platform that will help students with their homework just like parents helped their kids in previous generations, by gently guiding them through the learning process until understanding dawns and the answer emerges. 

The platform is aimed at today’s student. After a brief one-time setup students merely have to select their subject (their grade level and other relevant details are already in the system) and enter their questions into a simple, user-friendly app that runs on all platforms. 

Questions are broadcast to a team of tutors qualified in the student’s grade level and subject. The student will typically receive a response within seconds. Follow up questions are permitted; the goal is 

to provide gratification in as complete and quick a manner as possible, without compromising the learning experience. 

Tutor Toot is designed to be appealing in every respect. In addition to providing clear, concise and accurate answers the app will have engaging graphics, a catchy name and “concept” and slick and memorable effects that enhance the cool factor without being obtrusive. 

Novel Business Model Enables Free Service to Needy Students 

The Tutor Toot team has a lofty goal: to change the face of education in America. To achieve this goal they realize that they must reach the large number of students who need a service like Tutor Toot but cannot afford to pay for it. 

Thus they have designed a business model that is as creative as the service itself – a portion of the revenues from paying customers will be allocated to funding free services for those who cannot afford to pay. The company will motivate tutors to accept less pay when they are helping disadvantaged students by giving them priority when they are helping paying students. Moreover the company will partner with educational foundations to broaden the availability of the service to students in disadvantaged areas. 

Indiegogo Crowd-Funding Campaign 

The company’s detailed plan, functional spec, marketing approach, and business model are complete, and the majority of the app screens have been designed. 

They seek funding to complete development, launch the service and market it properly. The company has chosen to seek funding first through the Indiegogo crowd-funding site. According to company founder Willner, 

“We decided to go the crowd-funding route because we want this to be a real grass-roots effort. We want people to get excited about the project, to feel that they are a part of it by contributing, and to tell everyone they know about it, so that we will gain not only funding but also a large critical mass of students and tutors right out of the gate!” 

The Indiegogo campaign goal is to raise a minimum of $75,000, by a target date of March 14th, 2015. 

Backers can choose from a number of attractive perks as a thank you for their support. In addition they can select from a variety of subscription plans to benefit children they know or can opt to dedicate their contributions directly to funding the service for needy children. 

Visit and contribute to the campaign at http://igg.me/at/tutortoot, learn more about the platform and be a part of the revolution to improve the quality of education in America! 

Connect with Tutor Toot and share on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mytutortoot) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/mytutortoot) and help spread the word about how people can assist in changing the face of education in America! 

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Eli Willner at 212-461-1744 or 917-751-3422 or email at eli.willner@tutortoot.com.

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