Amsco Uses Latest Fire Sprinkler Technology to Protect UK Residents

Rye, UK – From homes to schools, Amsco is working to protect residents in England from devastating fires. Not everyone can hear a smoke detector alarm and get to safety on their own, which is why Amsco’s fire sprinklers and water mist systems have become so vital to protecting the most vulnerable.

Amsco Fire Ltd is dedicated to installing state-of-the-art fire sprinklers in Devon, Exeter, and the surrounding areas to prevent any type of damage to their client’s property. Amsco Fire Ltd offer a variety of domestic sprinkler systems depending on what the client is looking for. Their LinkedIn page,, offers clients the chance to learn more about the impact their work has had on the community.

Fires are one of the worst disasters that can hit a person’s home. In a matter of minutes, a blaze can destroy all personal property and even the building itself, this means rebuilding everything from scratch and taking a pretty big loss. But, if the home is equipped with the right domestic sprinkler systems, the technology works to put out fires before they spiral out of control. 

In addition to standard fire sprinkler systems Amsco Fire Ltd offers a gentler fire suppression solution in the form of low mist systems. These have been found to be a good option for those who are typically considered more vulnerable such as; the elderly and young schoolchildren who may be frightened by a harsh sprinkler, as well as this the mist also uses less water, making it an environmentally friendly option. Though it sprays mist rather than dumping water, the low flow systems are just as effective as traditional domestic sprinkler systems at putting out fires.

In one case study, Amsco Fire Ltd installed their low flow mist system at Wyvern Primary School in Ashford, Kent. The project required a much smaller 8,000-litre tank and took just 12 weeks to complete to British safety standards.

Amsco is available to contact on Facebook ( and Twitter ( For those that prefer more traditional means of communication Amsco Fire Ltd is also available by email.

The best way to fight fires is to prevent them, which is why Amsco Fire Ltd.’s installation of fire sprinklers in Exeter and other UK cities is so vital to the safety of local residents. The company’s affordable and low-maintenance mist system solutions will continue to be installed in schools, homes, hotels, and offices throughout the country.

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