Amulet Corp Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Support Scarab

Wearable Will Have the Most Environmental Sensors in A Small Form Factor

Amulet Corp. today announced the launch of a month-long Kickstarter campaign for the multi-sensor wearable, Scarab

Scarab changes the way you see your world—the way it really is. Scarab is a wearable sensor platform that paves the way for a new digital nervous system for us all. Scarab is part of a virtuous circle that includes mobile apps on your smartphone, a web mapping service such as Google Maps, and a community of users. Scarab will be easy to set up and use. Just download the app, attach a Scarab to your bike, purse or backpack, and go!

Scarab’s 16 sensors will detect carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas—Propane), UV radiation, gamma radiation, temperature, humidity, noise level, barometric pressure, physical orientation, acceleration, location, magnetic fields, and ambient light.  

“When people hear terms like “big data” and “the internet of things,” they think, ”what do those things mean? How do they affect me? Should I be scared?” said Scott Huyette, CEO and founder of Amulet. “Those phrases mean a lot of things, but they won’t actually help you, unless we harness them in order to make more informed and better decisions—daily decisions that will make you, your family, and the community, healthier.”

The campaign’s $100,000 fundraising goal will allow Amulet to complete the electrical engineering, product development and marketing processes. 

The Kickstarter campaign for Scarab runs until the morning of February 21, 2015 and can be found at

About Amulet

Amulet Corp is the innovative startup leading the multi-sensor based wearables revolution. Our team’s goal is to gather and analyze data that was previously unavailable, and to build a new digital nervous system at the intersection of the forces of mobile, social, cloud, big data, and local. 

Our mission is to increase humanity’s cognizance of the real world in real time. Amulet Corp’s first product is Scarab, a mobile multi-sensor wearable that monitors the environment around you and gives you the information you need to protect yourself from invisible health threats like UV, carbon monoxide and radiation. Whether you are concerned about wellness, exploration, safety or personal metrics, Scarab is the only wearable product that informs you of eight possible threats.

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