Beltway Catalyst Offers Thought Leaders Powerful New Direct Promotion Strategies

Washington DC – Feb 25, 2019 – As the Beltway Catalyst partnerships and alliances have come together, one of the most potent game changing solutions we offer is our Newsletter program and direct promotional capabilities. When a client utilizes one of our massive outreach strategies alone or in combination with our thought leader and strategic PR campaign to industry niche bloggers and journalists, congress, federal agencies and industry niche executives, you have the most unique and profoundly powerful Thought Leader promotion strategy available anywhere.

This unique artificial intelligence and machine learning fueled dynamic database allows us to offer the most up to date contact information that covers the following industry niches with our monthly content or your customized newsletter distribution that will amplify your message in an optimal and expedited pace:

• Turnkey Geo/Niche Targeted Congressional Representative to Constituent Communications (call for records available)

• American C-Suite Executives (890,000+)

• Healthcare and Hospitals (2,000,000+)

• Lawyers and Law Firms (1,300,000+)

• Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Investment Banking (3,000,000+

• Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (200,000+)

• Thought Leaders and Expert Witnesses (98,000+)

• Cybersecurity and Information Security (1,500,000+)

• Software Development (4,000,000+)

• Government and Federal Executives (1,400,000+)

• Political Campaign Experts (call for records available)

We also have the capability to geo and niche target any industry and any geography in the United States and worldwide. If you have a customized campaign you’d like to talk about, contact us, we’re here to help make your campaign a success.

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About Beltway Catalyst:

It is the pure demand by Congress and industry for our experts that drives the continuous opportunities for our thought leadership clients. When you’re a thought leader with Beltway Catalyst, there are no more obstacles, only possibilities. Our powerful and proven formula of public speaking events, media coverage and advisory strategies will immediately set you apart from your peers and place you in a position where your ideas and strategies are presented to our Nation’s highest-level decision makers. We are not lobbyist. We are a zeroed in and potent collective of congressional advisors who specialize in a variety of topics.

Members of Congress contact us when they need to expedite and elevate their knowledge on niche topics. Our role covers multiple areas that are critical to the legislative community such as: expert round tables and panels, talking points for hearings and media, expert testimony, assistance in refining new legislation for optimal impact, one on one coaching on technical topics and much more.

Beltway Catalyst also serves as a resource for the Washington, DC “Think Tank” community and we regularly place our affiliates in Fellows programs that offer an additional layer of thought leadership. We only take on one expert per industry niche in order to minimize the possibility of having clients with competing expertise and interests.

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