“Home Seller Home Buyer” What is Needed in Todays Home Market to be a SUCCESSFUL HOME SELLER or Home Buyer

This is where the home seller and home buyer can go to learn about the home selling and home buying process and become informed and successful on what to do and what is needed in the current home selling, home buying market.

BROOKSVILLE, FL – January 27, 2015 – HOME SELLER HOME BUYER, a podcast about home selling and home buying, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription on iTunes, Stitcher, Miro Guide, Tunein and other aggregators. The HOME SELLER HOME BUYER podcast focuses on topics for the home seller and home buyer that wants to be informed about the process to successfully sell or buy a home in today’s market.

The most recent episode featured information for sellers is “What Do Buyers Want & What Buyers Look For In A House”, and information for buyers is ” Should I Use A Real Estate Agent For A New Home Purchase.

Podcast host Lawrence Sanek says, “I launched this podcast, because of the feedback I was receiving, from home sellers and home buyers that I have and presently am working with about their concerns about the home selling/buying process. They wanted information about what a Realtor® requires to help them become a successful home seller or successful home buyer.

Fans of the podcast can contact Lawrence Sanek via email at info@homesellerhomebuyer.com to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

To listen to the podcast, visit http://www.homessellerhomebuyer.com, if you want to go directly to either the home seller or home buyer podcast those links would be:

HOME SELLER is at http://homesellerhomebuyer.com/?cat=8

HOME BUYER is at http://homesellerhomebuyer.com/?cat=9


Based in Brooksville, FL, United States, the Home Seller Home Buyer Podcast serves listeners interested in the Home Selling and Home Buying Process, Hosted by Lawrence Sanek the HOME SELLER HOME BUYER podcast is released on a weekly basis and is available for subscription at iTunes, Stitcher, Miro Guide, Tunein and other aggregators, if your aggregator is not included let us know and we will get them the information.

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Company Name: HOME SELLER HOME BUYER Podcast
Contact Person: Lawrence Sanek
Email: info@homesellerhomebuyer.com
Phone: +1-727-560-7145
Country: United States
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