Giulia’s new book “Looking Beyond the Fishbowl” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favorite

The key to understanding the writings of Giulia Jeary Knap – and especially her book, Looking Beyond the Fishbowl: A New Comforting Perspective on Reincarnation – is her fundamental conclusion: “I… consider human beings as powerful multidimensional spiritual beings, regardless of our physical circumstances.” The primary implication this bestows on her considerations of the afterlife, this life, and the experience of multiple lives, is that reincarnation should not be seen as a linear depiction of multiple rebirths. That is, from our spiritual being’s point of view, each incarnation is literally but an individual aspect of our greater self, and therefore rebirth cannot be accurately perceived as one individual’s inescapable chain of single identities. This is comforting. Not only are we as individuals not chained to time as we believe; we also are not automatically doomed to live again.

Others have spoken of the truth that Giulia Jeary Knap presents so well in Looking Beyond the Fishbowl, including John Brooker, Jane Roberts in the Seth books, and Robert Moss, and Knap neatly summarizes their contributions, but unless you are a student dedicated to such matters, you may not be familiar with their names. The beauty of Knap’s book is how she manages to make a great deal of this complicated material readily accessible (and even experientially available) without “dumbing it down,” offering in contemporary terms a distillation of much previously esoteric information. In fact, her writing is concise and precise enough to make any complex notions seem downright self-evident. In the end, Ms. Knap provides one of the most coherent and internally consistent perspectives on being and reincarnation I have ever read.”

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