Save Honey the Dolphin and hundreds of other marine animals that remain abandoned for over a year at Inubosaki Marine Park in Japan

Choshi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan – Urgent help is needed to save Honey the dolphin and the remaining marine animals that have been abandoned at Inubosaki Marine Park since January 2018.  Honey has been alone, languishing in a dirty tank ever since the park closed. About 46 Humboldt penguins and many other animals remain as well. You can help save Honey the Dolphin by donating to an Indiegogo fundraiser.   

The fundraiser was started by dedicated individuals to assist with the goal of purchasing Honey and the animals so Honey can be released to a reputable sanctuary and the other animals to accredited facilities. Honey, a bottlenose dolphin, was captured while pregnant during the brutal dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan in 2005. During these cruel drive hunts, many dolphins are violently selected for captivity or slaughtered for their meat, which the whole pod witnesses.  Dolphin families are traumatized and torn apart. Honey’s mother and her pod was slaughtered. She delivered a son, named Marine, who lived a short life and died. Honey has continually suffered during captivity and more so now that she has been in isolation. Dolphins are highly intelligent, social and sentient beings with strong family bonds.  Honey has been showing signs of severe stress and floats for hours in a corner of the shadeless tank. A skin condition on her back has been reported, stating it was likely caused by sunburn. It is possible that Honey has also suffered with internal illness.

Many people in Japan and around the world have voiced their concern for Honey and the animals.  Petitions with thousands of signatures demanding their release to sanctuaries have been delivered to the local government with no results yet. The marine park is privately owned and does not belong to any organization that supports the welfare of the animals. Currently, The Animal Welfare Act in Japan is not strong enough to make an impact. Even though citizens demand the Ministry of The Environment to review the law for 2019, it will take time for it to be discussed at a cabinet meeting. Time is limited for Honey and the penguins. Many sources have also reported that foreign activist organizations are unwelcome in Japan.  

Local government officials have indicated that the owner is not breaking any laws because Honey and the animals are still being fed by caretakers. A local health center visits once a month for inspections but the living conditions for Honey and the penguins are filthy and life-threatening. It cannot continue this way for them. If the government decides to get involved with Honey, there is a strong possibility she will be sent to an aquarium, as they support the Taiji hunts and captivity. Honey has suffered enough and deserves to be free.  Purchasing Honey and the animals with donations may be the only way to save them from this miserable environment. They are in desperate need of rescue and your support.

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