Airport Parking Helper Publishes New Wave of Time- and Money-Saving Content

Helpful new reviews and guides include quick tips and in-depth reviews focusing on JFK and LAX airports, Airport Parking Helper reports.

Airport Parking Helper, a top online resource for those interested in minimizing the costs and maximizing the convenience of their airport parking arrangements, published a new set of reviews and guides at The in-depth new reviews include looks at the parking situations at JFK Airport in New York City and Los Angeles International in California, while the guides include some simple tips of use at airports everywhere. Like the rest of the guides and reviews published at Airport Parking Helper, those in the new wave of content aim at providing practical, actionable information that can help readers easily save money and cut down on time spent traveling.

“Following the great reception to our site since we launched it, we are happy to announce that we have published a great new selection of airport parking reviews and guides,” Airport Parking Helper representative Jennifer Jacobs said, “These comprehensive new guides lay out and analyze all of the many options at some of the country’s busiest airports, and we are confident that our readers are going to find them invaluable.”

Although many cities attempt to provide satisfying public transportation options to and from their airports, a majority of travelers still find themselves traveling to these intermediate destinations by car and parking at them. The Transportation Review Board of the National Academies estimates that parking fees may account for as much as 25% of annual revenues at many airports, with smaller ones depending even more on this source of income than the largest.

Major airports also regularly engender ecosystems of third-party parking options, with shuttles carrying travelers from these off-site lots to their airport terminals. With so many options and parking prices being so high, many travelers frequently feel overwhelmed by the situation surrounding airport parking, so that some even give up and pay unnecessarily inflated prices for inconvenient, time-wasting spots.

Airport Parking Helper was established to provide some help to airport-bound travelers of all kinds. Since the site’s founding, it has become the Internet’s top resource for travelers looking for time- and money-saving airport parking tips, guides, and reviews.

Aware of how busy and distracted many travelers are, the site’s editors focus on providing clear, useful information that can make a big difference at airports around the country. The reviews published as part of the just-announced wave, for example, include both prominent, simple summaries of the recommended options and comprehensive analysis that can give a fuller picture to those interested in delving deeper.

The newly published reviews include one focusing on New York’s busy JFK International Airport, as well as another that details the parking situation for Los Angeles International. Like the rest of the site’s offerings, the new articles and guides are available free of charge and without registration to all readers at

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Helping travelers save money and avoid hassle, Airport Parking Helper provides concise, useful information about airport parking situations all around the United States. 

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