WWA Group plans to introduce “Genie UPN” the Unified Phone Number, a Single Identifying Number to Establish Connection with Any Firm, Person, or Entity for Processing Secure Payments

Genie UPN is Well-Suited as a Premiere Solution for Unbanked Verticals including Emerging Pharmaceutical, Payday Loan, Multi-Level Marketing, and Other Domains. The UPN technology can connect to multiple information systems simultaneously to provide almost any desired service, from telephony, banking and financial services, to retail purchasing, travel and entertainment.

Las Vegas, Nevada – January 28, 2015 – AllCom, a Nevada corporation, and provider of electronic payment services and unified communications to unbanked and under-banked merchants, consumers, and emerging industries, announced today that WWA Group (OTCBB: WWAG), parent of Summit Digital, Inc., a provider of cable television, high speed internet and related services to rural U.S. communities, and which is under a definitive agreement with AllCom. will roll out the UPN, to issue each of their subscribers a new and unique toll-free phone number, good anywhere in the United States and Canada, (Genie Number), and when applicable replace and to be used as their current cable TV subscription number.

Besides receiving telephone calls and faxes, with Genie’s FollowMe anywhere feature, WWA Group subscribers will be able to use their Genie Number (their new cable TV subscription number) as a single identifying number, to begin and complete a wide variety of communications and financial transactions, in real-time with complete security.

Now WWA Group subscribers will be able to conduct business with anyone directly from their cable TV, in person, by phone, by email, over the internet using any web enabled device, or by any communications medium yet to be invented.

The UPN allows subscribers to make payments to and accept payments from third parties, online or by phone. Payments are processed electronically as peer-to-peer, cash transactions, and are not subject to traditional credit card merchant processing rules and regulations”.

Tom Nix, president of WWA Group, said that “WWA Group plans to introduce and advertise Genie UPN jointly with other cable television, high speed Internet and wireless Internet service providers (WISP’s) to their subscribers, on their respective systems as the next generation of unified services while creating a new way to build additional high margin revenues.”

“This will be the first time where cable TV, high speed Internet and wireless Internet service providers will actually be in position to offer merchants and other advertisers a way to complete a sale for their goods and services advertised, and get paid in real-time anytime 24X7X365” continued Tom Nix.

“The new Genie Number provided to subscribers as their new cable TV subscription number, is unified on the Genie Gateway platform with applications, merchants and service providers, for transactions to be processed in the Genie Cloud” said Stuart Scamman, Genie Gateway’s CTO. “A subscriber may initiate a transaction which can be used to purchase almost anything or place and receive telephone calls. For example with an entertainment service provider, it might be to purchase theater tickets”, added Randall L. Skala, Genie Gateway’s president.

Thomas E. Skala, CEO of Genie Gateway parent AllCom, explained “UPN will be a major game changer in the transaction processing world; it’s like being able to conduct business in multiple parallel universes simultaneously”. “The UPN is not a credit card and it’s not a debit card, it is a phone number that can facilitate secure peer-to-peer, real-time cash payments. When using UPN on the telephone, online, or in a retail environment, the purchase is treated as a traditional cash purchase, but with the payment processed as an electronic credit”.  This has tremendous benefits to unbanked and under-banked industries as well as for merchants and consumers operating in those domains unsupported by traditional commercial banks and payment networks.

Looking ahead, WWA Group intends to leverage Genie UPN to enhance its existing plan to consolidate the fragmented wireless broadband marketplace. The Company is currently in various stages of negotiation and discussions with several entities that represent aggregate subscribers of more than 20,000.

About AllCom – www.AllCom.com

AllCom, a Nevada corporation incorporated in 1997, set out to design and fully develop a proprietary mix of hardware and software that integrates three powerful technologies into one seamless service: Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium.

About the Genie Gateway – http://www.genieinformation.com

Genie Gateway is AllCom’s most forward-looking unified communications service to date. Blending products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless global service, the Genie Gateway is aimed squarely at businesses and individuals who want a fully rounded presence on the internet, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach.

About WWA Group, Inc – www.wwagroup.com

WWA Group, (OTCBB: WWAG), operates its cable business through Summit Digital Inc., which is a Multi-System Operator providing Cable TV, High Speed Internet and related services to customers in rural U.S. communities, a specific high-growth market within the Cable TV and High Speed Internet industry.

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