The Male Form With Brilliant Photography

Ruben van Schalm is a Dutch photographer who has shot in beautiful areas of the world such as Barbados, Greece, The Netherlands, and Israel.

Ruben van Schalm is a Dutch-based photographer whose career has taken him to some of the most serene, beautiful, and exotic locations on the planet. Van Schalm has had the privilege of shooting on location in Barbados, Greece, The Netherlands, and Israel. Since 2014, he has been working on a photography project in which he’s unveiling his idea of paradise in a single visual format. 

The new book is called “PARADISE | BY | RUBEN VAN SCHALM,” and it’s going to break barriers in terms of beauty. The book will emphasize the male form while also capturing the beauty of nature. Varying photographs of nude men in artistic and creative poses will be portrayed, offering a rare look at unique angles that define the male form. 

To raise awareness and capital to bring the project to fruition, van Schalm has just created a Kickstarter campaign in which backers are receiving exclusive perks in exchange for their pledges. 

The campaign aims to raise just over $11,000, and nearly $2,500 has already been raised towards that goal. Backers can receive exclusive perks, such as thank you cards, signed copies of the books, and unique fine art prints of the new book. 

According to van Schalm, “PARADISE | BY | RUBEN VAN SCHALM” will be released in December 2019. “This book is the conclusion of a period of time in the last five years and the opening of a new one with a new direction in my works as a photographer,” said van Schalm. 

Van Schalm is asking that aside from financial backing, supporters spread the word about “PARADISE | BY | RUBEN VAN SCHALM” with friends, family, colleagues, and social media platforms. More information can be found at

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