Georgia chiropractic clinic combines nutrition and diet with spinal adjustments for natural healing

Arise Family Chiropractic provides family-centered approach to improve patient health

Feb 28th, 2019 – Cumming, Georgia – An estimated 27 million Americans seek out chiropractors each year. Individuals undergo body adjustments for a number of reasons with the most often reported issue being back pain. Chiropractors are able to relieve back problems and other health issues using specific chiropractic adjustments. Through these techniques, chiropractors can treat a range of health conditions without patients turning to addictive medications or risky surgeries.

Arise Family Chiropractic, a family-centered chiropractic office in Cumming, Georgia, prides itself on improving the health of its patients. The clinic offers a thorough solution to family health care needs by providing exceptional neurologically-based chiropractic care and specific nutrition consultation to patients of all ages. By using state of the art technology to assess a patient’s nervous system, Arise Family Chiropractic doctors perform specific chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignments.

It isn’t just spinal realignment that the clinic specializes in. Arise Family Chiropractic owner, Dr. Caitlyn Cortner, believes nutrition and spinal realignment go hand-in-hand. Dr. Cortner focuses on specific nutritional care to aid the body’s ability to recover effectively. Rather than masking the pain and health issue with medication, she uses corrective adjustments to realign the spine, thus restoring proper nerve flow to every cell, tissue, muscle, and organ in the body.

“We incorporate a proper nutritional approach for our patients, so we can help them make the right choices,” Dr. Cortner said. “Good nutrition allows the body to recover faster and last longer. Nutrition works together with the adjustments we do.”

Studies have shown chiropractic adjustments provide a natural solution to health issues. High blood pressure, neck and back pain, inflammation, headaches, and acid reflux are just some of the major health issues that can be reduced or ended thanks to a chiropractor. The addition of a nutrition plan can further aid in the body’s ability to ward off health problems.

Prescription pain abuse is at record highs in the United States and has been classed as an epidemic. More Americans are seeking out natural forms of pain relief with chiropractic services being one of the most popular choices.

“I truly believe more people are realizing medication can do just as much harm as good,” Dr. Cortner said. “For that reason, finding an alternative remedy such as a chiropractor is important to improve health and life satisfaction.”

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About Arise Family Chiropractic

Arise Family Chiropractic is a family-centered chiropractic clinic in Cumming, Georgia. Its mission is to offer a solution to family health care needs by providing exceptional neurologically based chiropractic care and nutrition to those of all ages. Arise Family Chiropractic uses state of the art technology to properly address a family’s health concerns. It works to correct these issues by re-establishing proper structure and function to the body. Arise Family Chiropractics goal is to restore healing within the body allowing families to live happy and healthy lives.

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