New Film “Royals: The Locumentary” Examines the Role of Dreadlocks in American Culture

Hair and hair styles has always been an important signifier of status since the dawn of civilization.  In American society, few hairstyles have been more controversial or misunderstood than dreadlocks.  Often associated with Rastafarian culture, dreadlocks have often produced prejudice based on popular misconceptions.  A new film by Cordoh Tarr, “Royals: The Locumentary” explores this provocative hairstyle by interviewing people from all walks of American society who sport locs and how it has impacted their personal journey.

“Royals: The Locumentary” is an important documentary film that departs from other films that have attempted to shed light on the same issues.  Most other films have focused on the ancient history or the Caribbean island cultures which gave rise to the hairstyle.  “Royals”, on the other hand, focuses on the role that this particular form of personal expression has played in American culture.  The film is intended to communicate the positive aspects of dreadlocks and the social and personal benefits that those who sport them have produced.

“Royals” will focus on a young Atlantan named Max who encounters ignorance about his dreadlocks on a daily basis and how he seeks advice and support from others, including Yannie a spiritual mentor.  As Max travels from Georgia up the east coast, he encounters others with locs who share their experiences and life wisdom. 

As with any important documentary, there are substantial costs involved. “Royals: The Locumentary” is almost a quarter funded, but will require an additional $56,000 to complete editing, marketing, distribution, equipment rentals, and travel. The production team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise these funds and is offering perks like handwritten “Thank You” notes, posters, DVD’s, Blu-rays, film credits, private screenings and invitations to the release to backers of this project.

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