Devirex are now launching lipivir® in UK – a new cold sore gel for people with fever blisters and other symptoms

Cold sores are one of the world’s most common diseases. Many well-known people suffer from this form of herpes and have blisters and sores regularly. Many different publications have featured pictures of this:;

Or even they all have the same herpes virus (HSV1).

Devirex the Swiss Healthcare company are now launching lipivir® in UK, a new and different cold sore gel which actually prevents cold sores from happening, lipivir® will help millions of people suffering from this condition to a have better life.

Anyone can be hit. In 87% out of 3800 persons who were participants of an investigation in Germany the virus was detected (Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2005 Feb;24(2):131-5). Most people have been infected since childhood. These unsightly cold sores can heavily compromise public peoples’ lives as reported in an article in the Independent:

Relief is in prospect – from Switzerland!

Around 33% of the population suffer from cold sores and most prefer not to leave home when these unsightly blisters are around their lips.  The Swiss Healthcare company Devirex has developed a new prevention product and this is now available in the UK market. Using it twice daily lipivir® can help radically reduce the frequency of outbreaks. In a survey in Germany 90% of 6‘000 people confirmed this after they had tried it.

Users in UK are writing about their experiences with the product now: Lipivir® is available in UK, CH, A, F at

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