‘ON THE INSIDE’ an Inspirational Tale of Life Inside a Female Prison

Author Kim Cano Work of Fiction Inspired by Real Life

Chicago, IL – JAN 29, 2015 – It’s one thing for a book to reach the Best Seller List.  It’s another when a work of fiction inspires a movement that leads to changing lives which is just what Kim Cano’s Best Seller, ‘On the Inside‘ is doing.  The work of fiction, inspired by the real life events surrounding her sister-in-law who was sent to prison for committing a white collar crime, is the spark of inspiration behind the Tracey McMahon One In, One Out female prisoner pen pal program.

“I was moved by the book’s main character, Kristen, who is based on the author’s real life sister-in-law and is serving a 17 year sentence in the US,” says McMahon, also a former offender with a suspended sentence, who is now an active voice in offender rehabilitation. “She struggles with loneliness, and the letters she receives from the outside world really keep her going. Since I began writing to the real Kristen and became her friend, I thought it might be nice to start a female prisoner pen pal program across the pond.”

Tracey’s pen pal program, ‘One In, One Out’ has female prisoners from the UK writing female prisoners in the US.  McMahon now writes about women in the British criminal justice system for publications such as ‘Criminal Law & Justice Weekly’, ‘The British Journal of Community Justice’, ‘Ex-Offender’, ‘Not Shut Up’, and is also a columnist for the UK Criminal Law Blog, where she writes for the highly popular “View From” Series.

Cano is also author of the Best Selling ‘A Widow Redefined’.  She is known for writing emotionally moving novels about female friendships.

“The program just received a donation of stamps,” states Cano. “I never would have expected something so positive would have come out of a book I wrote about our family’s tragedy.”

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