“Never Work Again” by Erlend Bakke is Currently on Sale

The book titled “Never Work Again” has hit over 30,000 in sales.

The book titled “Never Work Again” was written by author Erlend Bakke. Mr. Bakke, born in London, UK in 1981, is a well-known Norwegian serial entrepreneur, author and speaker. He currently owns three companies: YouSpin, 3sixtyfactory and Mr.Outsource. Through his seminar “The Freedom Bootcamp,” he trains entrepreneurs in how to start, run and own freedom businesses. Back in 2013, he published a book called “Never Work Again.” This book went on to becoming a #1 International Bestseller. 

Never Work Again is focused on teaching individuals how to apply freedom to their life along with their business by eliminating the junk and “getting real” about the true desires and needs. The book explains how to start a no-money down business by following simple blueprints, how to create habits that will save time and how to automate and outsource a business. Even better, “Never Work Again” takes a look at the good life and encourages the reader to look into their own desires and motivations in order to determine the true purpose of life. 

At the beginning of 2015, the book hit over 30,000 in sales. 

Currently, for a limited time only, the Kindle version of the book is available with an 80% discount. This means the book can be purchased for only $0.99. Individuals who are interested in reading what Mr. Bakke has to say about applying freedom to their life and business should definitely go ahead and purchase the book before the sale ends. 

Those who enjoyed reading “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss will enjoy reading “Never Work Again.” 

Take a look at some of the reviews posted online:

“If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur then Never Work Again will help you find your passion – the passion that will be the key to your success.”
Mike Michalowicz – Author of ‘The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’

“Erlend provides inspiration and gives practical advice to make sure you will never work again. Well done Mr Outsource!”
Carl Gould – Author of ‘The 7 Stages of Small Business Success’

“Success in life is about taking action and Never Work Again shows you exactly how to do that to build your own virtual outsourced business and begin living the lifestyle of your dreams.”
Steven Essa – International speaker and webinar expert

About Never Work Again by Erlend Bakke

“Never Work Again” by Erlend Bakke was written in 2013 – it went on to becoming a #1 international bestseller. The book is focused on teaching readers how to apply freedom to their life along with their business by eliminating the junk and getting real about their true desires and needs.

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