WIMI-AIen Platform of WIMI AR Hologram Builds AI Ecology of Holographic AR Entertainment with 2897 IPs

Artificial intelligence and holographic AR should be one of the hottest topics at the moment. Judging from the currently hot variety show, CG special effects, AI, holographic projection, VR, AR and other technologies give the variety show wonderful effect of blockbuster. It is obvious that theses variety shows accomplish both entertainment and visual enjoyment. When the variety show is integrated with technology, in addition to blockbuster-like visual enjoyment, the audience can also pleasantly learn about the achievements of cutting-edge science and technology. The outcomes of integrating technology into life have given birth to remarkable achievements in the field of entertainment.

AR Holography Shocks the Audience

The PhantaCity, which Hunan Satellite is broadcasting, is called “a new species of variety show”. The program breaks through the limitations on forms of traditional art types, combined with new shooting techniques and new visual technologies. Besides, through the transitions between multiple lens and multiple scenes, each performer can fulfill its own musical performance with a period of about 8 minutes, cinematic effects, and a clear storyline. The performance of Faye Wong who is the “Phantasy Experience Officer” in the program, is very attractive to the audience. Apart from supreme performing competence of Faye Wong, the technological elements in the program interest the audience more.

Holographic technology refers to a technique for recording and reproducing real three-dimensional images of objects based on the principles of interference and diffraction. The first step is to record the light wave information of the object by using the interference principle. This step is called shooting. Specifically, the diffuse object beam is formed under laser irradiation of object; the other part of the laser beam is used as a reference beam to the holographic film, and interference is generated after the reference beam is superimposed on object beam; thus, the phase and amplitude of each point on the object’s light wave is converted into a spatially varying intensity, thereby recording all the information of the object light wave by using the contrast and spacing between the interference fringes. After the negative film recording the interference fringes goes through development, fixing and other processes, a hologram is obtained. The second step is to adopt the principle of diffraction to reproduce the light wave information of the object. This is called the imaging. The hologram is like a complex grating, and under the coherent laser radiation, a diffracted wave of a linearly recorded sinusoidal hologram generally gives birth to two images, including the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image. The reproduced image has a strong stereoscopic effect and also a real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records the light information of each point on the object, so in principle, each part of it can reproduce the entire image of the original. Moreover, multiple different images can be recorded on the same film by multiple exposures, and they can be displayed separately without interference. This technology has high requirements for stage lighting and later synthetic imaging, so it is rarely applied to variety shows. However, in the past two years, with the continuous improvement of production level and technology, many variety shows have also tried the application of holographic technology.

In addition to the PhantaCity, holographic projection technology has also been used in The Sound. “Empress Wu Zetian” appearing beside Ning Jing, “Cao Cao” beside Chen Jianbin, and Emperor Taizong of Tang beside Tang Guoqiang reflected the application of holographic projection. For another example, the CCTV program National Treasure uses the holographic projections incisively and vividly. Due to the particularity of the cultural relics, they cannot be displayed in the live show. Therefore, the program adopts holographic projection onto the glass showcase, allowing the audience to directly see the 3D display effects of the cultural relics. The strongly shocking visual effects have fully demonstrated the beauty of historical relics.

New Technologies of AI and AR Make Programs Diversified and Novel

Nowadays, variety shows are already not limited to “entertainment”, and actually some big-budget variety shows are striving for the special effects of blockbusters. AR holography can accomplish touching a virtual item in a real environment. Who’s The Murder 3 uses AR technology so that the participants can obtain the clues to criminal cases by AR scanning. At the same time, the program also allows audiences to gradually disclose the story through AR application, providing a more novel experience. In addition, in the fourth season of Go Fighting, high-tech elements such as iris recognition technology, artificial intelligence, and mind-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle have made the show novel.

The second season of the Every Treasure Tells a Story just ended, and it also paid more attention to the applications of science and technology. According to the production team, with the help of many new technologies such as three-dimensional digital scanning, high-definition plane information collection and multiple light and shadow recording, they carried out the secondary processing of the captured cultural relics so that the cultural relics in the pictures can be restored to the glory thousands of years ago. The use of these innovative techniques allows the national treasure to be “alive”, making the audience visually pleasant and making it easier for the audience to accept the cultural information contained in the cultural relics. Adding a variety of “black technology” elements indeed makes a great difference to the visual experience that viewers have obtained in the program, and the blockbuster-like effects claimed by the production team is really fulfilled.

Presentation of AI Ecology of Holographic AR Entertainment

Facts have proved that there is greater response to AR holographic entertainment in China, and abundant capitals are eager to engage in investing into the field of holographic AR. Everyone is optimistic about this scientific investment which is once and for all. Relying on self-owned 295 related patents, 76 software copyrights and 2897 holographic entertainment content reserves ranking first in the industry, WIMI AR Hologram’s commercial applications are constantly focusing on five major fields of home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial launch system and advertising display system, successfully forming a large-scale AI ecology of holographic AR entertainment. Based on a fully intelligent eco-platform, WIMI AR Hologram combines animation IP with star IP and creates the best home ecology experience through natural human-computer interaction around household management, life and entertainment, learning interaction and other user needs.

By the year of 2018, in the fields of short video on mobile Internet, games, applications, photography, and advertising, WIMI AR Hologram Platform has completed intelligent implantation of Augmented Reality (AR) holography for 30 million times, and displayed AR totally for more than 3 billion times. Moreover, WIMI AR Hologram has made smart portraits for 300 million users through the AI plug-in, and provided tabbed AR holographic implantation of applications according to the AI algorithms. Then, WIMI AR Hologram provides AI augmented reality insertion services for thousands of business customers, involving the intelligent AR holographic synthesis of more than 4,000 business scenarios and 600,000 applications. WIMI AR Hologram is integrated into augmented reality through high-quality IP, with more than 700 million users totally. WIMI AR Hologram takes the advantage of its subsidiary to provide AI augmented reality services for hot Internet TV series and long videos, with the audience including: 1.06 billion views on Wasd Beyond Light Years, 1.31 billion views on HUAJIANGHU, 340 million views on The Great Adventurer, and 1.28 billion views on Yi Guan Xiao Zhuan. Additionally, WIMI AR Hologram has provided more than 8 billion services of AR 3D implantation of AI scenes, characters and props.

The WIMI-AIen Platform of WIMI AR Hologram can be applied to children education, smart home control, life encyclopedia, and social functions. As regards the channel, the platform mainly focuses on strategic IP and key IP. WIMI AR Hologram cooperates with organizations engaged in film & television and animation to jointly develop holographic animation and film & television works and share the related copyrights (such as micro Film, serial drama, sitcom and so on); it also explores the feasibility of developing the holographic concerts of late stars such as Wong Ka Kui; relying on its rich IP resource library, WIMI AR Hologram carries out cooperation with film and television companies, commercial real estate companies, brand organizations, and automobile manufacturers to engage in IP development; based on internal production strength, it further obtains high-quality scripts to develop unique IP by means of independent creating as well as outsourcing. WIMI AR Hologram keeps expanding the research & development and operation of the holographic entertainment field, so as to ensure the unicorn role of the holographic entertainment industry and truly create an IP-based AI holographic entertainment ecosystem.

At present, if sticking to ordinary form, it is difficult for the variety show market to bring the audience new exciting experience. Only by combining new concepts and new technologies can it stand out and seize the attention of the audience. Simplified entertainment has been unable to meet the needs. Pure amusement is not enough, and it is suggested to combine the joy and wisdom into the program in a more intelligent form. Thus, such a program can be regarded as an intelligent entertainment program in new era. WIMI AR Hologram platform creates the immersive multimedia visual feast and perfect virtuality-reality interactive experience. Even, the audience can feel that the performer seems to be standing in front of them. Moreover, WIMI AR Hologram strives to give audience the realistic experience, create an immersive feeling for the audience, and to inspire everyone that technology is changing our lives.

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