Exhibitor list / Fastener suppliers_International Fastener Show China 2019

International Fastener Show China 2019 will be held on June 11-13 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center with 42,000 square meters. It is increased by 8,000 square meters. More than 800 overseas and domestic fastener and product manufacturers join the show with 2,000 standard booths. More than 30,000 visitors from 60 countries and regions who are professional in fastener, moulds, consumptions. 

The Biggest Fastener Show in Asia.


China General Machine Components Association

China Fastener Association of China General Machine Components Association

Shanghai Afastener Exhibition

Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai.

Official Web: En.Afastener.com

Scope of Exhibits:

Hall 1, Fastener materials, Molds and consumption goods

Fastener manufacturing

Auxiliary equipment

Inspection equipment / Measuring devices

Installation / Measurement and maintenance

Molds / Consumption goods

Fastener / Services

Hall 2 Fasteners

Standard fasteners

Non- standard fasteners

Aerospace fasteners / Military fastener

Construction fasteners

Other related fasteners and parts

Part of exhibitor list/ fastener suppliers below:

Famous fastener companies join the show to present the branded products in fastener.

Hall 1, Fastener materials, Molds and consumption goods

Siijn Intelligent Forming Machinery CompanyTenglong Stainless Steel Products GroupHyodong Machine Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Haixing Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LtdShanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Ltd.Hubei Tengfeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.Jern Yao Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Dongrui Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Shengru Imachinery Co.,Ltd.Quanying Machinery (Kunshan) Co.,LtdAerospace Fastener Technologies ShanghaiCo.,Ltd.Shanghai Yuantuo Automation Science Co.,Ltd.Taiho Tool Mfg Co.,Ltd.Carlo Salvi (Guangzhou) Machinery And Equipment LtdChangyan Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.、NEDSCHROEF Herentals N.VDujiangyan Beyond Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.Maanshan Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Biauli Machinery Co.,Ltd.Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd.Dongguan Rke Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Songwei Machinery Hardware Products Co.LtdLetter Yu (Shanghai) Machinery Co.,Ltd.National Machinery LlcZhejiang Jinggu Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Yeswin Machinery Co.,Ltd.Accuvision Technology Inc.Anhui Sunsky Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.Gwolian (Jiaxing City) Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.Hua Lei(Jiaxing)Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.SACMA Machinery (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.Sakamura Machine Co.,Ltd. Shanghai OfficeDongguan Yachuang Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.Cpm Gmbh / Wafios Umformtechnik Gmbh3View. Com Inc.Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd.Ga Sin Lik Tin Machinery Co.,Ltd.Han Kang Machinery (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.Weihai Yingjie Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.BIING FENG ENTERPRISE Co.,Ltd.Cheng I Wire Machinery Co.,Ltd.Dongyu DongyuFoshan Lishui Hexing Machinery FactoryHuanghua Jujin Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.Jiashan Baotuo Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Jiashan Mds Engineering Hardware Co.,Ltd.Kunshan Dongwei Plating Co., Ltd.Sam Chang Machinery Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Yi Ming Machinery Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Zhanguo、Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Co.,Ltd.Kunshan Pinyi Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Pinghu Gaojia Machinery Co.,Ltd.FarcHiayan Jingbeeing Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Henghui Thread Tools Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Fanglong Steel Material Co., Ltd.Shanghai WeiceShanghai Zhanwan Information Technologies Co.,LtdSuzhou Shangge Hardware Co.,Ltd.Yuyao Zhendajingong Machinery Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang YideDongguan Betterpart Mould Technology Co., Ltd.Dongguan City Ying Xing Metal Surface Treatment Materials Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Qiangda Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.Dongguan Yaxin Precision Hardware Technology Co.,Ltd.Donglong Metal Mould Machinery Co.,Ltd.Foshan City Tai Chuang Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Guangdong FuyideHangzhou Annealing Furnace Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.Hangzhou Zhongheng Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.Japan Hardware Co.,Ltd.Jia Shan San Yung Electric Furnace Industry Co.,Ltd.Jiancai Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Jianshan Aolike Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Jiaxing Jinchi Industrial Furnace Co.,Ltd.Jiaxing Wenjun Precision Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.Jinan Yuanxu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.Kunshan baidun furnace industry co. LTDKunshan Yourong Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd.Ningbo Zhuocheng Automatic Equipment Co.,LtdShanghai Feiyu Automatic Packing Machine Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Jiansheng Machinery & Industrial Co.,Ltd.Shanghai JingchengShanghai Quanfeng Tool Co.,LtdShenzhen Jintongshun Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Sumon Industrial (Jiashan) Co.,Ltd. Taicang Aien Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Tainan Chin Chang Electrical Co.,Ltd.Tianjin CityWenzhou Longwan Puzhou Songlong Machinery PlantYangzhou Canaan Electro-Thermo Machine Co.,Ltd.Yi Bao Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.Yixing City, three Kyrgyzstan Forging Machine Co., LtdYongnian Dream StarZhejiang Boyu、Zhongrun Runhuaji Co., Ltd.Jiangsu XinzanJiaxing Jenn Tai Machine Co.,Ltd.Dinghai YongfengAsahi Sunac CorporationGreatloy Co., LtdKadimi Tool Manufacturing Company(P)Ltd.Lee King Technology Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Hongjing、Shenzhen OkobaoTaiCang Xuhui Precision Mould CO., Ltd., etc.


Hall 2 Fasteners

Shen Zhen Da He Industrial Co.LtdZhejiang San Tie Information Technology Ltd.、HaogongpiShanghai Prime Machinery Co.,Ltd.Changshu City Standard Parts FactoryTongming Enterprise Co.,Ltd.PATTA International LimitedHebei Jinan Standard Component Co.,Ltd.Wuxi Aotian Steel Wire Products Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Rivet Manufacture Co., Ltd.Shanghai Nanshi Screw Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Jinfu NetShanghai Drilling Industry Co., Ltd.Sailuk Rivet Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Jinding Fastener Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co.,Ltd.Handan Nie Shi Fastener FactoryHandan Feida Standard Fastenenr FactoryEagle Metalware Co.,Ltd.Avic Standard Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.JinshangAozhanZhejiangZhapu Technology Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Lifeng Standard Part Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Cowin Fastech Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Bullet Fastener Co.,LtdXingtai Xinxiang Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd.Wuhu SanlianshengWenzhou Zhongyang Hardware And Tools Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Weichen Fastener Co.,LtdWenzhou Ria Fastener Co.,LtdWenzhou Meiquan Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Leo Fastener Co.,Ltd.Wenzhou Fengding Fastener Manu. Co.,Ltd.Wengzhou Youwei Fasteners Co.,Ltd.Vov-Metalware Co.,Ltd.Src Metal (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.Shenyang Boshuai Material Technology Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Sqb Automobile Fasteners Co.,Ltd.Shanghai High Strength Bolt Factory Co.,Ltd.Shandong Xiongyue Fastener Co.,Ltd.Rui’An Weite Stainless Steel Fastener FactoryPinghu Kangyuan Hardware Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Xingyi Fastener Co.,Ltd.Meishan Crrc Fastening System Co.,Ltd. Kent Stud Welding Co.,Ltd.Jinan Star Fastener Co.,Ltd.Jiaxing Jiayou Fastener Co., Ltd.Jiangxi Shengjin Industrial Co.,Ltd.Jiangsu Xingchangjiang Group Co.,Ltd.Jiangsu Tianyu Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.Jiangsu Washen Fastener Manufacture Co.,Ltd.Hsin Bong Industrial (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.Hebei Qianmu Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Hebei Guangao Electric Power Equipment Co.,Ltd.、Handan Haosheng Fastener Co.,Ltd.Handan Han WangHandan Darwen Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Handan Changfa Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Haiyan Yuxing Nuts Co.,Ltd.Haining R-Best Hardware CoCo.,Ltd.Fujian Jingrui Fastener Co., Ltd.Foshan City Jiulong Hardware And Stainless Steel Tarding CenterCHAOYANG FASTENERS CO., LTD.Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co.,Ltd.Beijing Dongfang Minggui Advertising Co.,Ltd.Alfirste Hardware Co.,Ltd.Zhongshan Mingxin

Zhejiang Zhongbiao Automobile Fastener Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Exact Hardware Co.Ltd.Zhe Jiang Zhongyu Fastener Co.,Ltd.Yuyao Xintai Hardware Co.,LtdYuyao Anke Fastener Co.,Ltd.Yueqing Yonghui Fasteners Co.,Ltd.Yongnian Yuewang Fastener Co., Ltd.Yongnian County Tianbang Fasteners Co.,Ltd.Wenzhou Yongzheng Fasteners Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Ruizhan Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.Wenzhou Gude Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.Wenzhou Fulian Hardware Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou Chitong Hardware Products Co.,Ltd.Tslg (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.Suzhou Ynk Fastener Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Jinyuan Fastener Co., Ltd.Suhzou Changbiao Metal Products Co., Ltd.Shanghai Shenguang High Strength Bolts Co.,Ltd.Shanghai Jingtuo Mould Manufacture Co., Ltd.Selltop Plastic Hardware Co., LtdRyan JitaiRuian Shuang Rong Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.Rui An Longchang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.Rocol Fastening System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Niningbo City, Zhejiang Province Of China Wei Feng Screw FactoryNingbo Kingli Fastener Co.,Ltd.Ningbo Junli Fastener Manucatoring Co.,Ltd.Ningbo DeltaNing Bo Zhong Ding High Strength Fastener Mfg Co.,Ltd.NedschroefNanjing Mankate Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Matsuyamasanyi CorporationLe Da Metal Co.Koking Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Jiaxing Dali Fastener Co., Ltd.Jiangxi Kaixu Automobile Fitting Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Yagu Standard Parts Co.,Ltd. Hunan Bygold Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Hisener Industrial Co.,Ltd.Henan Yatai Standard Part Co., Ltd.Hebei Longyao Qinglongjian Nail Co., Ltd.Hebei Chengzhi Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Handan Haoqiang Fasteners Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Haiyan saltHaiyan JianshengFoshan Nanhai Weiye High-Strength Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.Foshan City Guangqingchang Metal Plastic Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Stl Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Sanhewlett Metal Products Co., Ltd.Dongguan Kuabiao Stainless Steel Fastener Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Chengshi Hardware Mould Co.,Ltd.Dongguan Baojin Hardware Co.,Ltd.Cixi Zhencheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.ANJI FAST CO.LTD., etc.

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