Media One in Search of British and EU Opportunities

Zagreb, Croatia – When thinking about call center outsourcing, most people still first think about companies operating exclusively in India, Philippines and third world countries where average net wages are lower than in most Western countries.

But, with different changes in business processes and increase of business standards, more and more companies are in search for better quality solutions when it comes to customer care.

For example, there is an increasing trend among UK companies who, after years of outsourcing in Asia, have switched their call centres back to Europe and Britain.

It seems to be that the trend of increasing number of call centers has hit most of the new EU members. For instance, Croatia, as the youngest member of the EU, but also as a country with excellent English speakers, has become an increasingly interesting market for big EU and UK companies to open their call centers.

An excellent example is Media One, a Zagreb based company, whose majority of the call center’s business has been on the German and Austrian market. But, their CEO Dinko Federber has confirmed that there is a growing number of interested UK companies that would like to move their call centers to Croatia.

“An increasing number of companies from England want to cooperate with us because Media One is one of the biggest call center in Croatia with six offices across two countries. All our employees speak English and German as if it was their native language. Service prices are lower than in Western countries, but the service quality is at the top level,“ said Federber.

“We would use this opportunity to invite all UK companies who need customer care and a call center to reach out through our website as soon as possible because interest is increasing every day“, said Media One’s CEO.

The Media One business system is divided into the so-called “inbound” sector where workers receive telephone calls or orders, as well as an outbound sector where different types of video and telephone communications are performed. However, Media One does a wide scope of activities, and is specialized for information and registration Hotline-activities, Video-identification of users and for sales of different mobile companies´ special offers and packages, with considerable experience and tendency of further development.

Any potential partner from the EU and UK can get more info about the Media One company on

Media One company profile can be seen in this PDF presentation:

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