Easehold Lighted Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror Leads to a Perfect Makeup

Easehold, a brand combines Italian traditional manual craft and minimalist designs to match the demands of the modern family. The quality and minimalist design are typical characteristics of Easehold’s ethos.

Light resource is really important for girls doing makeup. We all had an experience that light resource was dim in the room and then the makeup was terrible. It’s no exaggeration to describe that makeup as a disaster sometimes. Natural light which comes from the outside through windows, comes from a fixed angle. Nothing works out!

Now what you really need is a perfect lighted mirror. What a perfect mirror should to be? Light bright and natural enough, different magnifying function, absolutely adorable design and durable quality. This is why we here talk about Easehold Lighted Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror.

Long Lasting LED

The mirror is equipped with 38 pieces of long lasting LEDs. It simulates natural light resource, bright but soft which helps not to sting your eyes. Every step of your makeup won’t be distorted and you will definitely have a perfect makeup.

Touch Control & Automatic Power-Off

The mirror has adopted touch sensitive switch and stepless dimming. Slightly touching on the switch turns the mirror on and a tender slide on the surface of the mirror means to adjust the brightness. What’s more, the mirror can turn off automatically after 30 minutes if there is no further operation. This function can not only extend the life of the mirror, but also save energy resources.

Different Magnifying Mirrors for Different Scenes

The mirror has 2X and 5X magnifying mirrors on the left of the main mirror and an extra detachable 10X magnifying mirror with a suction cup. 2X mirror for fine makeup, 5X mirror for contact lenses and 10x mirror for pores cleaning and acne treatment.

Minimalist Design

The tray at bottom enhances the stability of the mirror and provides a space for placing small items. The slim profile of the Easehold Lighted Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror as well as its cordless design is suitable for different interior design styles.

2 Power Supply Methods

Method 1: Connect to DC5V/1A power supply via the included USB cable
Method 2: Open the battery cover and insert 4 AAA batteries

We have to admit that it’s really convenient for people who always forget to charge electronics or people who need the mirror in a long time use.


To assure maximum product longevity and quality, please follow the instructions:

* Use the provided USB charge cable to charge.
* Take off the batteries when it’s not used for a long time.
* Keep the mirror away from water.
* Do not fix the product on your own when you meet problems, please feel free to contact Easehold support team at anytime.

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To know more about Easehold, visit here: http://www.easehold.com.

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