Zittos Starts a New Revolution in the Wedding Industry

For the first time, Zittos is providing pricing transparency to industries that were generally more conservative with respect to rates.

For years and years, the wedding industry has been lacking transparency when it came to pricing. If you are a couple looking for a wedding photographer, you will spend hundreds of hours trying to find one that fits your budget. According to a Toronto wedding photographer (one of the few artists who openly lists his prices) “you have to own your prices. I don’t understand why my colleagues do not show their packages. It drives so many clients away.” If you Google Toronto wedding photographer prices, the first ranked article is that written by this artist.

The truth is that many brides move on when they come across a photographer’s site who does not show a price list. Some think they cannot afford the artist or simply do not have the time and energy to deal with so many studios offering photography services.

Enters Zittos! This revolutionary tool allows you to look at a subset of prices charged by various professionals, from wedding planners to videographers. The best part is that (as of now), the tool is completely free for both brides and professionals.

In the wedding industry, many pros such as wedding photographers might dislike the idea of clients having a clear picture (no pun intended) of the marketplace prices. However, the time has come for such a tool to provide more transparency.

As of now, Zittos only lists fees charged by professionals in Toronto, and New York and Los Angeles are in the works.

Honestly, the design can be improved through the site is fast and user-friendly in general. However, what matters is the information – which is exactly what a bride needs on her wedding planning journey. The fact that pros can add their prices to the list is another bonus! The best part we all love is the price! How could you ever beat free?

As of now, Zittos is not making any money, and if it survives, it will surely cause a massive revolution in the service industry. It does indeed breathe a breath of fresh air in an old and rigid industry that simply refuses to accept change.

There are many challenges when it comes to startups. The labor costs are prohibitive in the tech industry where salaries can easily surpass $100K. Also, competition is fierce and there are already a few companies that offer similar services.

The wedding industry is very competitive with thousands of companies fighting for a piece of the $70+ billion of the pie. Competitors with deeper pockets will definitely defend their turf and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

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