Nutritious Food is No Longer Enough: The Need for Extra Support

The human body today is under attack more today than it ever was before. Although there is increasing awareness of environmental toxins, it is nearly impossible to avoid coming into contact daily with substances and even foods that are harmful to the body. There has long been debate over the necessity of giving the body extra nutrients, but it is becoming more and more apparent that eating healthy food is no longer enough to maintain a strong and healthy body.

The body comes into contact with countless toxins each day. Even if a person carefully avoids the use of toxins in their home, it is impossible to avoid coming into contact with them when leaving the house. Harmful chemicals such as BPA are added to many products and can be found in anything from clothing to hygiene products. Industrial cleaners are still widely used, and even indoor lighting can be a source of toxins to the body. Environmental factors such as bad air quality and second-hand smoking can contribute to ill health.

The food that we eat has also become high in toxins and low in nutrition. Fresh foods like fruit and vegetables have been grown to promote visual appeal rather than nutrients, creating foods that are much larger, brighter, and beautiful to look at, but are filled with water and lacking in taste and nutrition. Not only this, but rigorous agricultural practices have led to low nutrients in the soil resulting in fewer nutrients in the food.

A combination of high toxins and low nutrients leads to a difficult dilemma: nutrition can no longer come from food alone. It is becoming more and more important to assist the body, and specifically the gastrointestinal system, with added nutrients that help to continually detox the body and replace these bad things with vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body. 

Metabolic Maintenance has a three-fold system for 2019 that is helping to achieve these goals. Because the gut is so integral to the overall health of the body, it is crucial that it works properly. The Restorative Cleanse from Metabolic Maintenance focuses on restoring health to the gut.

The Metabolic Detox Complete helps to detoxify the body by assisting the body’s natural process of getting rid of toxins that it comes into contact with daily. It then replaces these toxins with essential vitamins and minerals. Because fiber is the number one nutrient needed for gut health, the system also includes the BioMaintenance Prebiotic+Fiber that helps the body to eliminate toxins and provides a healthy place for good bacteria to thrive. Last is the Biomaintenance Shelf Stable Probiotic which gives the body the final boost that it needs to keep the gut healthy without needing to be refrigerated.

Additional nutrients have now become essential for optimal health. Even fresh food is often low in nutrients, and the typical American diet is low in fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals. As the body battles against toxins and lowered nutrients in food, it needs help to detoxify and restore balance. The 21-Day Restorative Cleanse Protocol has all of the tools needed to cleanse the body and start the journey towards health.

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