Latin American Traditional Food Served with Inspiration at Francisca

A single bite of good food can bring us back to our childhoods, or spark tender memories of a blossoming romance. It is an artistic expression that can begin a love of a new culture, or bring the family closer together. There is almost always a story, whether funny or touching, behind every recipe, and this is the spirit that this Latin American inspired restaurant in Florida embodies. With a story behind every bite of food, those who eat here come way nourished in body and soul.

Located in Doral, FL, the restaurant is a rich and flavorful example of Venezuelan cuisine. The eatery bears the same name as its inspiration, Francisca, who began her culinary career with a love of charcoal-roasted chicken. Growing up in the oldest town in Venezuela, she learned the art of roasting meats over charcoal from her family.  

As a young woman, she had the opportunity to travel to other South American countries and collected recipes and techniques from some of the best home cooks in the Americas. She had the rare opportunity as well of attending a local university and learning the principles of entrepreneurship. Her love of cooking and her passion for hard work and family traveled with her as she came to Miami.

Although charcoal-roasted meat is the specialty of the restaurant, there are many other carefully selected and perfectly cooked dishes to enjoy. Each of these inspiring dishes transports the eater to a different time in Francisca’s life. The menu at features many of the heartwarming stories that make the restaurant so endearing. From the empanadas that she learned to cook from her widowed aunt to the corn pretzels that she used to enjoy from a food stand in Tierra Negra, each dish evokes South American culture and cuisine.

The restaurant is owned by two men who grew up in the vivid culture of the Venezuelan restaurant industry. The two are passionate about food and feel that good food should be shared by loving family and friends. The restaurant uses a unique method of food preparation and is the only restaurant in the United States to use a JOSPER charcoal oven. Head over to their website for directions to this unique food establishment.

Family, togetherness, food, and culture are all an important part of this eating establishment. The owners, just like their inspiration, value hard work and have a strong passion for the foods that they serve every day. From hearty main courses to delectable desserts, everyone will find something to enjoy on the menu. So come, find a seat, and get ready for a good story in one of Doral’s most beloved Latin American restaurants.

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