Bulk Trader presents blockchain based solution for bulk buyers and vendors, eliminating the need for middlemen

Bulk Trader is a blockchain based online marketplace and an e-commerce platform that presents digital marketing solutions for accredited vendors and buyers for goods in bulk. The use of blockchain will ensure that there is no need for middlemen, which in turn will eliminate the commissions and extra cost. The platform, founded in 2018, will connect manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, and retailers around the world directly via a secure, cost-effective and convenient platform.

The B2B e-commerce sector is passing the $1 trillion mark in 2016, and Bulk Trader aims to support an online sales shift of higher order values. Here on the platform, the users will be able to shop, ship and transact with potential partners, and the buyers and sellers can trade products on a secure marketplace, built especially for the B2B industry. Once implemented fully, the platform will contribute to boosting local economies by providing the businesses with an easily accessible trading platform.

Bulk Trader uses a series of open and globally distributed ledgers, through which the platform users can ensure validation of interactions that take place between them and their customers, suppliers, and partners. With most of the businesses getting online, there has been a constant need for a secure and efficient platform that provides them an opportunity to grow their customer base.

While there are many marketplaces that connect retailers and wholesalers, not all of them can be trusted and often they charge a high commission fee. The use of blockchain in this context will mean, the transactions are bound by smart contracts which increases the degree of transparency and authenticity among the two parties.

Some of the major features of the platform are listed below:

  • Blockchain powered marketplace for secure buying and selling of goods
  • Safe, Private and Secure platform
  • Order tracking option accompanied by highly responsive customer support
  • AI integration for more efficiency
  • Easy navigation and secure checkout option
  • Customized Hyperlocal Bulk buying and selling business model
  • Supports both Cryptocurrency and credit card payments
  • Multi-language support
  • Creative and Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Specialized SEO and UX
  • Multi-Local Shipping Integrations and Partners
  • User-friendly and powerful vendor dashboard
  • Custom PWA framework
  • Frequent promotions and attractive Savings Discounts
  • Blockchain Product Review Integration
  • KYC and Legal Compliance

Bulk Trader is soon launching their Pre-ICO sale to give away 100 million tokens at a 50% bonus. More information about the platform can be found at Bulk Trader’s official website.

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