Greek Canadian artist, Ero Seagull on her latest track getting viral on SoundCloud and winning the Judges’ round on Peoples Music Awards

Ero Seagull is a Greek-Canadian artist who specializes in Hip hop and Rap, EDM, Pop, Rock, and Alternative rock music. She doesn’t want to belong in a genre. She has uploaded many popular tracks on SoundCloud but her latest song ‘The Gospel’ was caught up by the US bloggers and soon it went viral on the internet, gaining over 30,000 plays on SoundCloud. She has won the Judges round for “Peoples Music Awards” in 2011 and went on to play her first gig in Scala venue, London. She also played her music in the World Festival of Music and Drama in Lahore, and currently preparing her first LP.

In this exclusive interview, she talks about her journey as a music artist, the inspiration behind her popular tracks and the upcoming projects. 

Interviewer: Congratulations on the success of your latest track ‘The Gospel’. Tell us something about it.

Ero Seagull: Thank you! This Hip-hop/EDM track as it has been described by reviewers is based on the theory of sadness that says that Jesus had asked Judas to betray him. This theory says that they had a secret brotherhood and Judas is not the necessary evil in this story but misunderstood by history because if it wasn’t for him following Jesus’ order Jesus wouldn’t have completed God’s plan and the miracle of the resurrection wouldn’t have happened. This theory makes sense in my opinion. It explains why he committed suicide. He couldn’t take what Jesus went through. This theory also says that Jesus had a love relationship with Mary Magdalene. I found it very interesting and that is why I wrote this song. 

Interviewer: What inspired you to choose music as a career?

Ero Seagull: Music is my passion; it’s what I love doing the most. I studied Theatre and Film Directing but was always writing music, experimenting with different musical instruments, writing poems, lyrics, so it was a natural evolution. I work in the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and the release of the album is right across the corner so my career is in multitasking mode. I will start concerts in Athens and hopefully touring in Europe this summer. 

Interviewer:  Tell us something about your track “Here we are entertain us”?

Ero Seagull: This has a funny storytelling. Its concept is about a girl in a relationship with a girl who narrates in detail a day in the life, where she wakes up with a weird dream where she sees her girlfriend with another girl and she continues her day at work, but due to the lack of work she leaves earlier and wishes to surprise her girlfriend with her favorite dish, only she gets to get surprised, as she finds her cheating on her with a man. So “Here we are entertain us” is an ironic/sarcastic statement that she says to her girlfriend. 

Interviewer: What are your next projects?

Ero Seagull: I will start creating video clips. The first will be The Gospel with an up and coming Film Director Antony Glaros and a famous DOP Christina Moumouri. I wish to tour in Europe and England as I mentioned earlier. I will continue to produce music. I’m also writing a book that I could turn into a Netflix series. That’s the beauty of globalization, that you can be in Athens, Greece and have your creations heard and seen in the United States, England, Japan, all over the world. 

Interviewer: Can we expect some collaborations in the future?

Ero Seagull: I have collaborated for my first album Evolution with very talented artists. In one song of the LP I collaborate with Leon Rhymes from Too Many T’s and in another one with Marilena Orfanou from SWIM the band (Someone Who Isn’t Me) as well as Daphne Bluebird. Most of my songs have Stef K’s (Stefanos Krystallidis) stamp in the music and I have collaborated also with the talented mrpc (Afrocream). I haven’t released anywhere these songs. They are hidden until I release the album. Now, what new collaborations shall come is a mystery to me. But I definitely want to collaborate with BnC (Bruises n Cuts) at some point and some other artists I have in mind.

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