New Fit Icon will help anyone to achieve their fitness goals by providing multiple options for choosing trainers and fitness packages

Fit Icon is a new and upcoming fitness company that aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by allowing anyone in the world to achieve their fitness goals with an easily accessible platform. It is currently developing an app that will conveniently connect the fitness enthusiast and expert trainers. The users of the app will be able to select a trainer of their choice, from the multiple trainers listed within the app. They will also be able to choose a fitness package of their choice, based on their requirement, fitness goals and lifestyle.

What makes it stand apart from the similar platforms is that it enables the user to get a trainer selected based on their profile, the background details, and other minor details. The users can select the trainers either based on their credentials or pre-select their trainers via an interview process. In this way, the users can get the advantage of having a personal trainer, without spending a lot of money in getting a private trainer in real life, who often charge a lot.

All the trainers listed on Fit Icon are highly experienced and their background will be visible on the platform, making it easier for the users to choose. The clients will be able to search for a trainer, regardless of their location around the globe. Once they decide a trainer for themselves, they will get all the guidance for following the fitness routine as per the package is chosen by them. There is no need to go to the gym or find a trainer that doesn’t match with the user’s fitness goals.

This app is highly useful for those with a busy lifestyle and who don’t have the time to go to a gym or other fitness centers. In the near future, it will also add other different types of trainers such as NYPD training, fire department preparation, specialty training and more.

Fit Icon is a convenient and easily accessible way to follow fitness goals, with the guidance of a personal trainer, and without burning a hole into the pocket. The app is currently running a fundraising campaign on both Kickstarter and Gofundme, with a goal of $100,000 on each. The success of the fundraiser will ensure, that the project owners are able to get numerous trainers to sign up on the app.

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