Author Faramarz Franco Davati’s New Book “Alchemy of the Quran” is an Investigation of One of the World’s Most Well-Known Texts

Scripture and history come together in the recently released work by author Faramarz Franco Davati, “Alchemy of The Quran”. Published by Page Publishing, the collection of essays form an intellectual dissection of what’s old and what is still relevant in the Quran, while counteracting the ideology of ISIS and fundamentalism.

“The Alchemy of the Quran” is an attempt to contemporize the wisdom of the holy book for the practitioners of Islam. Author Faramarz Davati is a student of theology and history, and has presented the Quran as a mixture of prophetic texts, poetry, and postulations for a new generation of readers of the Quran.

Today, wherever Muslims are allowed to freely practice their religion, moderate Muslims around the world pick and choose the parts of the Quran they will follow, using the verses that are agreeable with their culture and within the rules and laws of their societies,” says Faramarz Franco Davati, explaining Islam today. “If someone wanted to practice the whole book of the Quran word for word, he or she would have to regress, scale down, and go back 1,400 years ago to the Bedouin culture to match the lifestyle of that time.”

“The Alchemy of the Quran” separates what advice the Arab people of 1400 years ago needed to follow, from what still applies today. Through excerpts of the poetry of the historical Persian poet, Rumi, as well as quotes from the Quran, this book presents facts and dispels fictions surrounding this Abrahamic religion, and takes a step towards reforming Islam, while revealing the fallacies of ISIS and fundamentalism.

The Quran produced extraordinary results, in the past and in the present. After Muhammad, his successors, with the help of this One Book, gained confidence and defeated the two superpowers of their time, the Romans and the Persians, despite their inferiority in weaponry and numbers. The book is an attempt to figure out the magic of this One Book.

Other common questions answered in the book include, “Is this book really the exact words of God?” “Did Muhammad write this book?” “What is the secret of this book that the superpowers are so afraid of?” and “What is the alchemy behind this book that can make anything possible against all odds?”

“Alchemy of the Quran” is available at bookstores everywhere, and can also be bought online at the Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes and Noble. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at: 866-315-2708.

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