Hu Jiaqi, the Famous Anthropologist: Today’s Scientific and Technological Development Should Brake in Time

Science and technology have become the first productive force in today’s society. Since the third industrial revolution, science and technology have been greatly developed. In the course of more than 200 years, science and technology developed from the very low level to today’s high level, even we ourselves have already felt enough fear for the enormous scientific and technological achievements created by mankind, and the enormous scientific and technological power contained in these achievements.

The arrogant people usually think that they have enough ability to control the powerful energy of science and technology, but they often overlook the fact that the improvement of human ability brought by science can’t be counted by several times or dozens of times. The calculation of thousands of times and 10,000 times is also a small number, on the calculation of tens of millions, hundreds of millions or even billions of times, this is the normal strength of science and technology.


Today’s science and technology have developed the ability to exterminate humanity long ago. History has proven that once the means of extinction occurs, it will eventually be used, such as bio-chemical and nuclear weapons, etc., which are often used to kill compatriots. The further development of science and technology is undoubtedly equivalent to the promotion of human’s ability of self-destruction.

On this basis, Hu Jiaqi, the famous anthropologist put forward the idea that “the continued development of science and technology will inevitably exterminate humanity.” In this regard, Mr. Hu Jiaqi proposed to strictly limit the development of science and technology. Hu Jiaqi, the anthropologist pointed out in the book Saving Humanity:

“In general terms, strictly restrict the development of science and technology should include the following aspects:

First, the study of natural science theory should be the most restrictive. If people are not fully confident to ensure the security of this theory, it is absolutely necessary to block the study of this theory. Because a breakthrough in scientific theory will inevitably lead to a series of breakthroughs in related science and technology and in the theory of branch disciplines, the enormous scientific power generated by them is often unpredictable. Just like if there is no qualitative theory, there won’t be nuclear weapons. Without the theory of biological genes, it is impossible to produce genetic toxins.

Second, the further application of the existing scientific theory in technology should be strictly controlled. If it is not very sure, no further research should be conducted as far as possible to check erroneous ideas at the outset. Because after one technology gets a breakthrough, it will provide a basis and forward-looking space for further technological breakthroughs.

Third, for the development of new technologies, if we can’t confirm whether it is harmful, it should be treated with harmful assumptions. Because human survival is higher than human happiness, ensuring human survival is far more important than human enjoyment in one aspect. When a technology has the potential to bring wealth, it may also cause harm, the research and development of the technology should be abandoned without hesitation.

Fourth, the scientific and technological products that have been researched must be strictly evaluated and placed on the market cautiously, so as to avoid inadvertent damage caused by carelessness. For existing scientific theories, though they are evaluated, their deep exploration may bring great disasters to human beings, such theories must be permanently sealed.

Fifth, it is necessary to fully consider that the development of science and technology is a gradual and lasting process. The emergence of extinction means is likely to be produced intentionally or unintentionally in scientific research and technological progress, just like many scientific and technological achievements in history are extremely accidental discoveries, however, the inevitability is implied in the occasionality, the cyclical breakthrough process of science and technology is the process of the quantitative change to the qualitative change after the accumulation of numerous research results. Although when science and technology have undergone such qualitative changes, or in what way to achieve such qualitative changes, we cannot accurately predict them, what we can completely guarantee is that a breakthrough in science and technology is made step by step, just like Newton can’t be successful without achievements made by countless physicists like Galileo and it is impossible to have Einstein’s theory without the footsteps of Newton and countless scientists afterwards. Therefore, to prevent the emergence of more devastating scientific results, we must start from the small things before us.”

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